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Web Design "A"


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Web Design "A"

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Next Web Design A class will be Fall 2014

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Animated GIF

An Old Technique for A Quick Animation

While flash is a much more powerful animation tool, the "animated gif" still has its uses. To get an "A" grade on the Art Gallery, you'll need to make at least one "animated gif".
Tutorial | Example.


CSS Beauty is Everywhere!

Looking for ideas for your final project's visual identity (aka its "look")? 1) Try the web sites under "CSS Inspiration" on the left of this web page (internet required). 2) Or take a look at this very fashionable "Web 2.0" style (tutorials included): VIEW

Image Rollovers

CSS Background Images and Links
   (FYI only, not an assignment)

CSS and the unordered list tag were used to create these image rollover effects: EXAMPLES | DIRECTIONS


XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.0

To get an "A" grade on an assignment, your web pages will need to look correct as well as be correct. Validation ensures that you've written all your code to the specifications, making it more likely that whatever browsers your visitors use, your pages will display well. To validate, we first must add a few more lines of code to our pages: EXTRA CODE. Afterwards, use the links at the left of this page to go to the W3C's validation web site.