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Large version (32K)


Volume 1, 1953

Size: 8 x 11 inches

Total pages: 88
-in color: 0

Other Notes:
City listed as Pico. ("Pico Rivera" was not formed until 1958).

District listed as Whittier Union High School District.

While the school newspaper began as "El Rodeo" and continues today under that name, the yearbook started as "The El Rancho" and did not become "Por El Año" until 1955.

ER sports competed in the "San Gabriel Valley League," and included Boys Football, Boys Cross Country, Boys' Tennis (aka "the Racquetmen"), Boys' Golf, Boys' Basketball, Boys' Baseball, and Boys' Track. There were no girls sports listed in the yearbook.

Following the Varsity/Faculty Basketball game was the "Varsity Drag," a school dance tradition that continued for many years.

This year's annual (and for many, many to come) began with an opening "dedication" to some person the annual staff found important, then was followed with the Administration, Board of Education, and Faculty.

ER opened with about 900 students. By 1957 it was up to 2400.

Since there was no senior class the first year, there were no senior portraits in the yearbook.

Large version (37K) 

Publicity Commission

Volume 2, 1954

Size: 9 x 11 inches

Total pages: 95
-in color: 0

Other Notes:
1st Co-ed Capers...One of the longest running ER traditions, this all-girls event lasted until the early 90's.

The class of 1954 was the 1st El Rancho Senior Class.

Yearbook included portraits of grade 12 only.

New Sports Added: Boys' Swimming (though we did not have our own swimming pool until the end of the 1961 school year), Girls' Tennis, Girls' Field Hockey, Girls' Basketball, Girls' Softball and Girls' Volleyball.

Large version (58K) 


Volume 3, 1955

Size: 8 x 11 inches

Total pages: 112
  -in color: 0

Theme: Por El Año

Other Notes:
1st ER yearbook to have page numbers.

1st time the phrase "Por El Año" appears.

New Sports Added: Boys' Gymnastics (lasted until early 90's), Boys' Waterpolo.

El Rodeo (the school newspaper) sponsored a school dance called the "Rhythm Rodeo," which became a regular event for many years.

Large version (44K) 

Vocational Carpentry

Volume 4, 1956

Size: 8 x 11 inches

Total pages: 120
-in color: 0

Theme: Station KDON

Other Notes:
New Sports Added: Boys Wrestling.

One page boasts that "for the 2nd year the students of Vocational Carpentry, aided by the Practical Electricity and Homemaking classes have built a complete home."

Large version (34K) 


Volume 5, 1957

Size: 8 x 11 inches

Total pages: 144
  -in color: 0

Other Notes:
1st ER yearbook to include a table of contents.

New Sports Added: Girls' Modern Dance.

Clubs section includes a Stamp Club and Radio Club.

Large version (29K)

Agriculture Class

Volume 6, 1958

Size: 9 x 12 inches

Total pages: 160
-in color: 0

Other Notes:
1st time city listed as Pico Rivera (district still WUHSD).

1st book sized to the current standard of 9 x12 inches.

Includes an Agriculture Class that "had fun raising many different vegetables and flowers."

Large version (33K)

Annual Staff

Volume 7, 1959

Size: 9 x 12 inches

Total pages: 192
  -in color: 0

Theme: "Key..."

Other Notes:
1st use of the "tinted photo" coloring technique.

1st Senior Class group photo: A two page black and white photograph. Students are not standing in the shape of the class year; that didn't begin until 1965.

1st time an ER yearbook included an index.

Continues the tradition of beginning with a dedication page, then the Faculty and Staff.

Faculty section includes a "Faculty Talent Show."

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