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Large version (68K) 

Senior Section

Volume 13, 1965

Size: 9 x 12 inches

Total pages: 280
-in color: 0

Theme: Harmony

Other Notes:
Color Endsheets with large photo of Senior Class standing (for the first time) in shape of graduating year.

Large version (32K) 

Viva Mexico Assembly

Volume 14, 1966

Size: 9 x 12 inches

Total pages: 304
  -in color: 7

Theme: Tomorrow Belongs to You

Other Notes:
As part of theme, cover illustration depicts a sunrise.

Includes coverage of 1st Powder Puff game.

Youth in Gov't, a ten-year-old event at ER, makes its first appearance in the yearbook.

Includes two-page photo of senior class (b/w, NOT in shape of graduating year).

Includes photos from a Viva Mexico Assembly.

Large version (47K)


Varsity Football U.S. Champions

Volume 15, 1967

Size: 9 x 12 inches

Total pages: 296
  -in color: 4

Theme: Here I am

Other Notes:
No senior group photo.

Last Freshman class at the high school until 1984.

Does NOT begin with Faculty and Administration photos. (Oh my!)

Includes photo of "Project Happi," whose goal it was to collect clothing for an orphanage in Vietnam. The orphanage became a target for concern when it was described in a letter from a former ER student while fighting in the Vietnam War.

Sports League changed from San Gabriel Valley to Pacific League.

Varsity Football wins CIF championship and is chosen as the Top Team in U.S.

Large version (28K) 


Volume 16, 1968

Size: 9 x 12 inches

Total pages: 296
-in color: 8

Theme: Salute to America

Other Notes:
Opens with two-page spread dedicated to ER alumni killed in Vietnam War.

Don Memorial Stadium construction completed. Also dedicated (Sept. 15, 1967) to ER alumni killed in Vietnam War.

Includes two-page photo of Senior Class (not in shape of graduating year).

1st year MCJROTC class on campus (boys only).

Girls' League held their annual Doll Dressing Contest.

Three-page layout on campus construction (B, R and S buildings) in the middle of sports section. See step #8 on Editor's Page on "How to Make an Annual"--"Be prepared for almost anything--like no swim team which left 3 extra pages of the annual to be filled. (Hey, I heard a two by four floated into 1st place a couple months ago!)"

New Sports Team: Girls' Track.

Large version (41K) 


Volume 17, 1969

Size: 9 x 12 inches

Total pages: 296
  -in color: 2

Theme: Tell It Like It Is

Other Notes:
New Sports League: The Moore League

Includes two-page color photo of senior class.

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