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Large version (32K)


Trash Can Painting

Homecoming Float

Volume 18, 1970

Size: 9 x 12 inches

Total pages: 296
-in color: 2

Theme: Let's Get Started

Other Notes:
Opens with Senior portrait section (not faculty).

Dedication page moved to back of book.

Includes color two-page spread of senior class.

Class competition heated up early with the first major competition of the year, the annual trash can painting contest.

The Fall drama production was "The Odd Couple."

The Boys' Football teams got an incredible twelve pages of coverage in the yearbook! Two pages alone were used just to cover the coaches!

High Tech English Department: "Functioning again was the Writing Lab Program...This distinctive program offered students the use of the IBM recording machines called Executaries, which did much to increase the effectiveness of the entire English curriculum."

Cutting-edge Social Studies: "The outmoded concepts of history and geography are gone! The vitality of new courses like in minority cultures, social psychology and economics...have offered new interests in this department."

Large version (25K)

Youth in Gov't

Volume 19, 1971

Size: 9 x 12 inches

Total pages: 296
  -in color: 6

Theme: Who What When Where Why

Other Notes:
Dedication page returned to front of book (pages 7-8)

Includes two-page color photo of senior class.

Library building constructed during this school year.

New Clubs: Students Against Pollution, Dance Club, International Club.

Large version (14K)

Auto Shop

Homecoming Court

Volume 20, 1972

Size: 9 x 12 inches

Total pages: 296
  -in color: 13

Theme: What's Good About It?

Other Notes:
Includes color two-page senior class photo.

Amateur rock groups were a common sight during lunch in the quad.

New Sport Added: Girls' Gymnastics.

An American Field Service Foreign Exchange Student from New Zealand, David Forrest, is the thirteenth "exchange" in as many years at El Rancho: "Every year Pico Rivera families are urged to open their doors to the AFS student, and the Wilbert Stebens familiy was selected for David this year. David arrived August 13th and lived as a member of the Stebens family, complete with brother, Glen, a sister, Gay, and pet companion, Archie the dog."

Basketball Belle: "Ten senior girls were nominated by the varsity basketball squad. The student body in turn voted for five girls, one Belle and four princesses."

Large version (62K)

Executive Commission

ASB Card Pepster Skit

Boys' Powder Puff

Volume 21, 1973

Size: 9 x 12 inches

Total pages: 288
-in color: 10

Theme: There is still a need for a person to be...

Other Notes:
Includes color two-page senior class group photo.

1st time pages for Homecoming Court, Band, Drill Team, and Pepsters printed in color.

The Welcome Assembly included a skit meant to entice students into buying ASB cards (sound familiar?), except that it wasn't drama who put on the show; it was the Pepsters.

The pepsters consisted of "six yell leaders, six song leaders, six flagsters, and two mascots."

An old tradition gets a new name: "This year El Rancho was introduced to a new event, Winter Belle, which replaced the traditional Basketball Belle. Ten girls were nominated by the winter sports: basketball, soccer, and wrestling and also by the Senate. El Rancho's student body voted for one Belle and four Princesses."

Powder Puff: While the boys dressed crazy this year, they did not actually dress "like girls," as is the custom today.

Girls Athletic Association (GAA): "In recent years the ER GAA has undergone many changes. However, the most recent and perhaps most important change was the acceptance of our GAA into the Whittier League. Thus the ER GAA ceased to be the small group which had offered practically only social activities and became highly competitive."

Sports League: ER returns to the Pacific League.

New Sports Team: Boys' Soccer.

Large version (28K)



Volume 22, 1974

Size: 9 x 12 inches

Total pages: 286
-in color: 2

Theme: Shapes

Other Notes:
1st time Choraleers page printed in color (the only two pages of color in the book).

Includes two-page senior group photo (B/W).

1st year girls are allowed to join ROTC.

"Donna of the Year," a long ER tradition, is explained as follows: "The lucky girl gains the title because she is selected during Girls' League elections by her fellow female students. The candidates for 'Donna of the Year' are nine girls who were chosen as 'Belle of the Month' in their Sophomore, Junior, or Senior year. Girls' League officers and representatives vote on the Belle at their board meetings. Before this Girls' League meeting, girls can put their suggestions for Belle in a box in the girls' locker room. These suggestions are based on the friendliness, school spirit, citizenship, posture, and good grooming of the girl. The announcement of 'Donna of the Year' is made during the Girls' League installation assembly."

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