ERHS Policy on Alumni Comments

What's the comments box for?

#1 To submit Class Reunion Info

Use the comments box if you would like to submit info about an upcoming ERHS Class Reunion event.

#2 Personal Info or Message

Regarding the "Alumni" section of the ERHS website, the following general guidelines are applied:

  • The web site is a courtesey extended to the El Rancho family. It is a hub to facilitate contact between ERHS alumni and to disseminate info regarding class reunions. Since the info is submitted by ERHS alumni, ERUSD cannot guarantee all info to be correct, although a reasonable effort is made to verify email contacts as current and functioning.
  • Regarding the "More Info" data box of the email lists, the following parameters will be used:
    • The data box is for brief, factual data--primarily for contact info beyond email (phone, address, alternate email or instant messenger address)--but may also include brief factual data of the alumni's educational, career and personal experiences.
    • The data box is not a forum or online diary. It should be updated no more than once every six to twelve months.
    • The data box is not for posting of links to other websites.
    • The data box is not for job networking.
    • The data box is not for recruitment or sales messages (calls to join a political or religious group, advertisements of one's services, etc.)


Acceptable: I am currently a member of the Democratic Party.
Not Acceptable: I am currently a member of the Democratic Party. If you would like to join us, contact me. We meet on Thursdays.

Acceptable: I earned my Real Estate license and now work for Century 21.
Not Acceptable: If you need need an agent, give me a call.

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