Courses Offered at El Rancho HS

Physical Education
Code Title Department Description

Body Conditioning Physical Education (semester course) 11th and 12th Grade Only Designed for total body conditioning. Emphasis on weight lifting, rope jumping, running, health, and nutrition. Elective credit and may not be taken more than one semester for credit.

Pepsters Physical Education Prerequisite: Grade qualification, tryout and selection.
The El Rancho High School Pepster course enhances the development of physical, mental, social, and emotional well being through physical education. The course supports students in developing a personal, lifelong commitment to physical activity for the long-range health benefits. Through the course, students prepare for cheerleading activities. They improve and expand their knowledge in all aspects of cheerleading including stunting, choreography, and tumbling. Daily exercise will include any of the following activities: running, sit-ups, pushups, stretching, dancing, tumbling, and stunting. Over the course of the school year, pepsters utilize skills learned to promote school spirit and involvement while representing El Rancho High School at athletic, school, and community events.

Physical Education Physical Education Required. Activities participation will be divided on a contact sport basis. Within a basic framework of sports activities, emphasis is placed on establishing lifetime habits and values relating to physical fitness and well-being. Fitness testing is included. One day per week is set aside for classroom activities.

Sports, Exercise and Health Science SL (IB) Physical Education Part of the IB International Baccalaureate program
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