Digital Photography Book Poster Contest

March 22, 2015

Student's in Mr. Diaz's Digital Photography class were given the task of creating a poster to encourage reading for Teen Read Week. The students were instructed to photograph a student reading a book while using a basic studio lighting setup. Each student then used Photoshop to bring the story to life around the photograph.

And the winners are...

  1. 1st - Briana Sanchez
  2. 1st - Kaleena Hudson
  3. 2nd - Alejandra Jimenez
  4. 3rd - Emilio Mendoza

Honorable Mention

  • Angel Aguilar
  • Francisco Uriarte

Briana Sanchez

Kaleena Hudson

Alejandra Jimenez

Emilio Mendoza

Raphael Garcia

Raphael Pedroza

Ray Landeros

Rocio Camacho

Alexis Gonzalez

Crystal Lopez

Angel Aguilar


Francisco Uriarte

Justin Porras Garcia

Katherine Luna


Kim Ramirez

Ruth Leal

Tabitha Randin


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