Student Work from Digital Photography

May 26, 2016

For Teen Read Week, students in Mr. Diaz' Digital Photography class were challenged with promoting reading with photography and design. Students chose a book and created a poster using themes and imagery from the story in combination with their own photography.

Top Five
  1. Elsa Gonzalez (Gatsby)
  2. Maricruz Gamero (Fault in Our Stars)
  3. Samantha Munoz (Outsiders)
  4. Andrew Vasquez (Insomnia)
  5. Arlene Luis (Wallflower)
Honorable Mentions
  • Carlos Gutierrez (Misery)
  • Carlos Serrano (1984)
  • Jose Ramos (No Easy Day)
  • Lorenzo Gutierrez (Gatsby)
  • Sarah Hernandez (Go Ask Alice)