May 7, 2003

  1. Welcome-Introduction of all members and guest present
  2. Roll call-a quorum was present

·        Members in attendance were:

Parents- Ron Beilke, Dora Cabrera, Frank Moreno, Aurora Villon, Nellie Aguilar, Irma Castillo, Leticia Fonseca, Students-Veronica Arroyo, Brandon Longoria, Classified Staff-Dina Navarro, Certificated Staff- James Halley, Dawn Hughey, Manuel Cruz, Paulina Vega, Marla Diaz, Administration- Felicity Swerdlow, Visitors- Richard Krelle.

·        Members who sent regrets:

  Parents-Anthony Soltero, Roy Arroyo, Monica Ciancaglini, Sarah Lopez,     Students- Maribel De Anda, Cynthia Adame, Vivian Martinez, Certificated Staff- Carol Stella.

  1. Minutes were approved with the following changes: 1.Absent members will now be called “Members who sent regrets” 2. Dina Navarro was not in attendance at last month’s meeting.
  2. Student Reports

a.                  Student government- Sacramento April 26-28

b.                  ASB elections- results are in

c.                  Cinco de Mayo celebration – Friday, May 2nd

–good turn-out

d.                  Good turn-out for Mother/Daughter event

e.                  Double Assembly for students campaigning for office May 6, 2003

·        Auditions for Pepsters

·        CIF Champions Soccer were recognized at assembly

·        Top 10% of students who improved on standardized test are receiving free lunches one week. Two hundred students were recognized.

f.          May 17th –prom

B.     DAC Report

Meeting on May 7, 2003 to discuss the LEA plan

C.    Special ED. Report

· Fundraiser for special Ed. Taking place to raise money for scholarship. Fundraiser consists of Bagel sales.     

D.    Title 1- Mrs. Swerdlow

· Working with middle school to make sure there is a smooth transition of kids.

E.     GATE

· Advanced Placement Meeting on Thursday night 130 parents

· Explain new AP classes and how AP would be part of the TEAM class

F.     Budgetary-Agenda

· No Report

G.    Agenda

· Suggestion was made to have a link for SSC on El Rancho website. Minutes could be posted and members contacted via e-mail.

H.     Assessment

· Star testing starts on May 13, 2003

· 9th graders will come to school late on May 19, 2003

· teachers will explain schedule in detail to all the students

I.         School Data Report-CSRD

· Project- Based Learning- Build school wide projects based on critical questions

· Teacher is coach and advisor

· Presentation will be made to Faculty at the beginning (pre in-service day) of the school year.

J.        Bylaws  

5.           Grant proposal

a.       Presentation made by grant researcher/coordination committee