June 4, 2003

1.           Welcome-Introduction of all members and guests present

2.           Roll Call-a quorum was present

·        Members in attendance were:

Parents- Ron Beilke, Dora Cabrera, Frank Moreno, Aurora Villon, Nellie Aguilar, Irma Castillo, Sara Lopez, Esther Mejia, Students-Veronica Arroyo, Brandon Longoria, Maribel De Anda, Classified Staff-Dina Navarro, Vivian Martinez, Certificated Staff- James Halley, Dawn Hughey, Carol Stella, Marla Diaz, Administration- Julie Ellis, Felicity Swerdlow

·        Members who sent regrets:

  Parents-Anthony Soltero, Roy Arroyo, Monica Ciancaglini, Leticia Fonseca, Students-Cynthia Adame, Certificated staff-Manuel Cruz, Paulina Vega

3.           Approval of Minutes

4.           Miss Ellis addressed the council:

“The face of El Rancho is Changing” due to HSEE requirements. It impacts electives, and auto and welding will be discontinued. Decision hasn’t come down from the state regarding status of the Exit Exam. It may come in August. Two new AP classes will be piloted for 2003-04 school year. Twelve teachers were cut from summer school classes.

5.           CSRD presentation by Brenda Rangel and Krista Pruitt: 2 forms were shared with School Site Council:

1.      Budget revision report included discussion regarding what money was budgeted and what was actually used this year as well as money allocations for school year 2003-04

2.      Motion made to approve budget revision seconded. Unanimously passed.

6.           Information/Discussion Items:

a.        Student Representatives Reported

1.          Prom was successful

2.          Renaissance Program to be reinstituted to recognize students who show academic improvement

3.          Scholarship Dessert was last night

4.          Senior Reflection (baccalaureate) on June 15th

5.          June 7th 6:05 football game at Pioneer

6.          ASB Installation-June 9th includes Pepsters

7.          June 10th-old and new exec to go to school board to announce new members

8.          June 19th graduation/grad night

b.            DAC-proposed budget chages have not been passed yet

c.            Special Ed-2 scholarships given for the first time to Special Ed. Students

Separate items:

a.   Grant proposal-Paulina Vega met at city hall with Ray Chavez who is interested in supporting the grant

b.   Bylaws-John Crone will help with a website: email addresses for the website were suggested. Choice to not participate given to each member

c.    Budget Update (see DAC)

d.   Assessment Update-CAHSEE-improved scores noted in English, Language Arts, and Math

7.           Action Items

                           a.      CSRD budget Revision Report-(see #5 in notes)

                           b.      Grant proposal-(see report under “separate items”)

8.      Future meeting: September 3rd

-scholarship fund for SSC

Respectfully submitted by Carol Stella