Meeting called to order at 5:10 pm.


  1. Welcome—Introduction of all members and guests present
  2. Roll Call—a quorum was present

Š      Members in attendance were:  Ron Beilke, Nellie Aguilar, Aurora Villon, Dora A. Cabrera, Dawn Hughey, James Halley, Dora A. Cabrera, Brandon Longoria, Lucy Rios, Roy Arroyo, Enodina, Montano, Veronica Arroyo, Maribel De Anda, Frank Moreno, Pauline Vega, Felicity Swerdlow, and Julie Ellis

Š      Members who sent regrets were:  Anthony Soltero, Monica, Ciancaglini, irma Castillo, Sarah Lopez, Leticia Fonseca, Esther Mejia, Dina Navarro, Vivian Martinez, Carol Stella, Manuel Cruz, and Marla Diaz


*Please note:  Due to an error in the members list, certain members did not receive the regularly sent invitation, and were subsequently unaware of the meeting.  I offer my sincere apologies, and the situation will be corrected for the next meeting.


  1. Approval of minutes
  2. Principal’s Address:  Ms. Ellis reported the following:
    1. School opened this fall with an estimated 3200.
    2. Construction continues so that all teachers may have their own classrooms.  Looking for finances to outfit science classes.
    3. 6 new AP courses now offered:  Junior English, European History, Sophomore Statistics, Physics, Calculus B & C,                   .
    4. Want to maintain small classes.
    5. API scores will come out in October
    6. At 549, last year saw more graduates from ERHS than had been since 1997.
    7. Support services and courses are being offered to students who are not on target for graduation.
    8. Because the administration cannot keep up with current gang/tagging crew attire, ERHS has instituted the rule that no team jerseys (other than El Rancho’s) may be worn at school.  This rule is due to an incident that occurred during a P.E. class when a student hit another student for wearing a Dodger’s jersey.   In addition, school policy mandates that cell phones and headphones be used only before school, after school, or during lunch.  None are to be used between 8 am and 2:56 pm   Also, caps may be worn on campus (outside only) if they are El Rancho caps.  Other caps may not be worn at any time.
    9. Thanks to staff members, school began quietly.  Approximately 2900 of the expected students showed up.
    10. Student program changes are complete (except for athletes) at this time.
    11. Ms. Ellis opened the floor to questions.
    12. Mr. Moreno asked about contacting the Pico Rivera Chamber of Commerce for assistance in obtaining equipment for science labs.  Ms. Ellis responded that she is looking at in-house budgets for the needed equipment.
    13. Mrs. Aguilar inquired about the Governor’s Scholarship Award, and how this money is awarded to the students.  Ms. Ellis replied that the awards are given to the top ten percent scorers of the STAR per grade level as dictated by the state.
  3. Student Reports
    1. Introduced new class T-shirts for students and faculty.  These are available for pre-order at $10 per shirt.
    2. ASB is planning the yearly trip to Sacramento.  This costs $450 per student.  18 students will go.
    3. Friday, September 5, is the Welcome Back Assembly.
    4. A new ASB member, the Pep Commissioner, has been added.
    5. Football scrimmage will be at 6:30 this evening.
  4. DAC Report
    1. DAC has not met.  No report necessary.
  5. Special Ed.
    1. Mrs. Swerdlow reported that this year Special Ed. Teachers are being teamed with regular ed. Teachers—this model will strengthen the support given  to students to increase learning.
    2. Ms. Vega shared her experiences teaming with regular ed. Teachers.  She said that it was a wonderful experience because everyone benefited from the two-teacher presence.
    3.  Mrs. Rios, a guest, asked how students were placed and if students in remediation were considered Special Ed.  Mrs. Swerdlow explained the process and interventions.
  6. Title 1
    1. ERHS is doing a massive math intervention
  7. GATE
    1. Added AP courses should triple the number of students taking them this year.
    2. Calculus teacher, Mr. Francis, has had a wonderful success in getting students to pass the AP Calculus test (28 of 29 passed last year).
  8. Administration
    1. Explained AYP

                                                     i.     Annual Yearly Progress is a method of overseeing the progress of schools by the federal government.  It is based on the STAR test for elementary and middle schools, an the High School Exit Exam for the high schools.

                                                      ii.     Although a passing score is 350 for a student, the government says that to pass for AYP that student must achieve a score of 380 (or proficient).

    1. To make AYP for 2003 a high school must meet or exceed:

                                                     i.     A participation by the whole group and each sub-group of 95%

                                                      ii.     11.2% of group and sub-groups scoring at the proficiency level in English Language Arts

                                                        iii.     9.6% of group and sub-groups scoring at the proficiency level in Math

                                                        iv.     API growth of 1 point or a minimum score of 560

                                                      v.     Improvement in the graduation rate of 1% over last year

    1. Administration continues to conduct conversations with teachers regarding test scores and curriculum alignment.
    2. 52% of 9th grade students in Biology scored at proficient or advanced.
    3. The goal for this year is vertical teaming within ERHS and with the middle and elementary schools.
    4. Mrs. Swerdlow explained a student’s STAR Report
    5. ERHS is still an under performing school, but is improving.
    6. Mrs. Rios asked about support for students who do not test well, but perform well in classes.
  1. Mr. Moreno suggested that we have an ending time set for the School Site Council meetings.
    1. 5 minutes will be allotted for each regular agenda item
    2. Mrs. Aguilar motioned that meetings begin at 5 pm and end at 6:45
    3. Ms. Vega seconded the motion.
    4. Motion was made to allow 15 minutes for the agenda items a-e; administration will request amount of time needed for report.
  2. Action #5 was tabled until the next meeting.
    1. SSC now has a link on the school website.
  3. Public Comment and Communication
    1. Mrs. Aguilar requested another copy of the Budget Revision Report.
    2. Next meeting will be held on October 1, 5-6:45 pm.
  4. Ms. Vega gave a brief report on the status of the Parent Project
  5. Motion to adjourn by Mrs. Aguilar; seconded by Ms. Hughey
  6. Meeting adjourned at 6:55 pm.