June 2, 2004

  1. Call to order—5:20 pm
  2. Flag Salute
  3. A quorum was confirmed.
  1. Minutes were approved with the following exception:
    1. AP Challenge Grant was received three years ago, but has helped move us forward.
  2. Student Reports—

a.   Sports Dessert was held last Thursday

b.  Scholarship Dessert was yesterday

c.       Last day of school is June 16

d.      Graduation is June 17

e.       New ASB takes over on June 7

f.        Freshman Orientation is on June 3—Clubs will be present

  1. DAC—Parent Workshop for CAHSEE
  2. Special Ed.—May be graduating more seniors this year

                                                               i.      Senior Luncheon was held

  1. Title 1—Nothing to report
  2.  GATE—
    1. AP enrollment/tests taken
    2. Colleges are telling us that students should be taking AP classes to get used to the rigor even if they don’t pass the tests
    3. Years ago, there was a different focus

                                                               i.      More representation was wanted in the economically disadvantaged communities

    1. Spanish Language AP does not have the same dynamic as the other AP classes—not all students in those classes are on the college track
    2. Vertical teaming is taking place to  make sure all students are prepared for their next classes
    3. Colleges are recommending AP and pre-AP classes
  1. Administration

a.       CAHSEE Results

                                                               i.      Class of 2006 will count

                                                             ii.      Algebra I requirement affects class of 2005 (no waiver)

1.      if the only thing keeping a kid from the class of 2004 from graduating is Algebra I, that kid may obtain a waiver

    1. STAR

                                                               i.      2,440 kids tested; 8,000 booklets administered

    1. CSU

                                                               i.      Part of the 11th grade test was a Cal State test that informs as to whether a student is ready to enter the CSU system, or if he or she needs remedial classes—an essay was included

  1. Scholarship Dessert/Scholarship Fundraising
    1. Shelved until after elections next year
  2. Parent Project—

a.       Paulina Vega brought in her proposal

b.      If a kid is caught tagging, doing drugs, etc., parents will be required to attend (we are working with the sheriff and the city)

c.       All parents will be notified that this program is being offered

d.      About 10 spots will be left open in each class for the general public

  1. Elections—
    1. Last year a flyer was sent to all parents asking for nominations; 13 names were returned; elections were held on Back-to-School Night
    2. Suggestion made that we only elect half the council this coming year so that remaining members will be able to guide and teach new members the protocol
  2. Bylaws—
    1. Suggestion made that if people do not show for three meetings, they be removed and replaced by alternates
    2. Openings available for three parents and two alternates next year
    3. Suggested that we invite parents to September meeting

                                                               i.      Mail invitations to SSC members at the middle schools

    1. Voting for new Chairperson, etc., will take place at the second meeting (October)
    2. Next year we will set aside specific time for bylaw consideration
  1. Project Fair is on June 3
    1. Approximately 30 teachers and 400 students are involved
  2. Public Comment—none
  3. Agenda—
    1. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 15
  4. Meeting adjourned at 6:42 p.m.