October 4, 2006

  1. Call to order
  2. Flag Salute
  3. A quorum was not confirmed.

4. Minutes approved for September 2006
5.   Student Reports—
a. Andrew Palacios, the Senior class president reported that all the classes are busy preparing for the Nigh Pep Rally. The themes for this year are as follows: 9th grade – Pirates, 10th grade – Superheroes, 11th grade – Super Mario Brothers, and 12th grade – 007
b. At this time, parents asked which grades would be used to determine whether a student would be permitted to participate in the Nigh Pep Rally. Priscilla Linares said that she believed it was the 2006 3rd trimester grades that would determine students’ eligibility. Parents complained that students were not notified about this policy until this year and that it was unfair to hold students accountable without giving them sufficient notification. Ms. Villon stated that it would seem fair to use the 1st trimester progress grades instead of last year’s trimester grades. Ms. Villon asked whether this policy was set in stone or if it could be discussed further by administration. Priscilla Linares said she would take the parents’ concerns back to the administrative team.
c. Parents also brought up concerns with having eligibility criteria. Tony Paez and Elena Ramirez felt this would further deter student involvement, particularly with at risk students. Priscilla Linares said that the objective is to teach students that they must earn privileges by earning good grades. 
d. Aurora Villon stated that by developing a Parent Involvement Policy decisions like those relating to the Night Pep Rallycould be made with parent and student input.
e. The junior class president, Justine Medina, concluded student news by reporting that the junior class was recycling to earn money for the Night Pep Rally

  1. DAC – Tony Paez volunteered to attend the first DAC meeting on October 18th. SSC agreed to wait until after the elections before members signed up to attend the rest of the meetings.
  2. Special Ed – Nothing to report
  3. Title 1
    1. The Title I parent meeting was held on Back to School Night, but very few parents attended. The Language! coordinator will reschedule another meeting at another time.
    2. Priscilla Linares and the Language! Coordinator, Rosemary Figueroa, are revising the criteria to exit student from the program in the middle of the trimester.
  4.  GATE – Nothing to report
  5. Administration  -
    1. College Night was held on September 27th and the event was well attended. Frank Moreno expressed that while he was glad so many families attended, it was difficult to take full advantage of the evening because it was so crowded.
    2. Priscilla Linares reported that teachers turned in progress grades and that reports were mailed home to parents. Parent Conference Night will take place October 11th.
    3. After school programs are now open to assist students. The 2010 Scholar’s Inn is open for 9th grade students and the Tutoring Center is open for grades 10-12. Both locations are open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 3 to 4:30. The Scholar’s Inn and The Tutoring Center are each run by two teachers, one of which is math. There is also a separate tutoring center for 9th grade students participating in the Humanities Honors classes. The computer lab is also open Monday – Friday from 3 to 5 and provides technological assistance to students working on research, PowerPoint, or word processing.
    4. The California High School Exit Exam will be offered to 11th and 12th grade students on November 7th and 8th.
    5. Priscilla Linares reviewed the Evidence of Quality Teaching (EQT) process with the SSC. EQT is a method by which teachers observe each other, record their observations and reflect about what they can take back to their own classrooms. Priscilla shared with SSC the tools used for EQT. Mr. Sifuentes asked how teachers are paired. Priscilla replied that Instructional Managers pair new teachers in their departments with more experienced teachers who teach the same curriculum. At other times during the year, teachers may choose their partners.
  6. Separate or Action items
    1. Priscilla Linares distributed information regarding the Parent Involvement Policy to parents that did not receive the information in September. Members agreed to take the information home and review. SSC agreed to table the issue for the November 2006 meeting.
    2. The issue regarding school lunches will also be tabled for the November 20066 meeting.
    3. The report on how the new student/staff I.D’s will also be tabled for the November 2006 meeting.
  7. Public Comment
  8. Agenda—next meeting will be Wednesday, November 1, 2006.
    1. Develop an action plan from the student surveys regarding school lunches.  
    2. Begin working on the Parent Involvement Policy
    3. A report on how the new student I.D’s are working.
  9. Meeting adjourned at 6:18 p.m.