October 3, 2007

  1. Call to order at 5:07 pm
  2. Flag Salute
  3. A quorum was confirmed.

4. Minutes approved for September 2007
5.   Student Reports— Ariet Angeles
a. Students are preparing for Home coming week particularly Blue Pride Day to take                   place October 30th and the Night Pep Rally to take place on November 1st. A discussion about the new time for the Night Pep Rally and the reason for the change
             b. Announcement was made regarding the PSAT on October 17th

  1. DAC – Nothing to report
  2. Special Ed – Nothing to report
  3. Title 1 –
    1. Very little money available due to government cuts in Title I funding.
  4. GATE –  
    1. Report next meeting from Mrs. Linares
  5. Administration  - Sam Genis
    1. 400-500 parents attended the Back to School Workshops
    2. The Parent Institute (PIQE) continues at El Rancho High School. Approximately 60-65 parents are attending the morning Spanish sessions and approximately 100 parents attending the evening session bringing the total parent participation to approximately 160.
    3. Over 1000 people attended college night on September 26.
    4. Parent Conference Night will take place on October 10th.
    5. El Rancho is working with LACOE to put together a Science camp for students taking AP Biology. The total cost for student will be $35.00. the trip will take place December 17-December 20 at Blue Sky Meadows Science Institute near Big Bear.
  6. Separate or Action items
    1. Mr. Collings
    1. Members agreed to table agenda items 6a pertaining to elections and 6b pertaining to vending machines until the November meeting.
    2. Ms. Mejia requested a report of El Rancho’s disaster preparedness plan.
    3. WASC update – the WASC chairperson, Ms. Douty, will be on campus December 3rd for the initial visit. She will meet with focus group leaders, visit classrooms.
  1. Public Comment
    1. A suggestion was made regarding adding canopies and benches for students.
    2. Ms. Mejia asked about the number of assemblies. A conversation ensued. There was also talk about videotaping the Night Pep Rally.
    3. Ms. Mejia asked about literacy. She asked if we did anything besides Teen Read week to promote and encourage literacy. A conversation ensued.
    4. Ms. Mejia asked if the Pledge of Allegiance was being conducted in classrooms. A conversation ensued.   
  2. Agenda—next meeting will be Wednesday, November 7, 2007.
    1. Elections
    2. Vending machines/ Lunches
    3. Disaster Plan
  3. Meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.