November 7, 2007


  1. Call to order at 5:04 pm
  2. Flag Salute
  3. A quorum was confirmed.

4. Minutes approved for October 2007
5.   Student Reports— Kayla Herrera
a. Last week was Homecoming week. Celebrations included different activities everyday of the week. Special events included the night pep rally which went very well. The Homecoming king is Jesse Ruiz and the queen is Sharon Pedregon
b. ASB is currently debating the issue of the return of their ASB president who has been gone for several weeks.
c. The can food drive will take place through November 16th and students are also participating in filling donation boxes for Navidad en Baja.
d. Ms. Mejia announced that the boys’ cross country team went undefeated and the girls’ cross country team ranked in state.

  1. DAC – Esther Mejia
    1. Ms. Mejia passed out information regarding the roles and responsibilities of the District Advisory Council. The next meeting will be November 14th.
  2. Special Ed
    1. Carol Stella has resigned as a member of the School Site Council due to time constraints.
  3. Title 1 – Nothing to report
  4. GATE –  
    1. El Rancho High School has identified 71 students who qualify for GATE based on High Academic Achievement on the California Standards Test (CST).
    2. Ms. Villon asked about the allocation of funds. Mrs. Linares did not know the amount, but would have that information at the next meeting. . A conversation about the spending of those funds ensued. Ms. Villon asked administration to make teachers aware of the money they had to spend within the GATE funds.
    3. Ms. Villon asked administration to look into the possibility of using GATE monies to provide snacks during AP testing.
  5. Administration  - Sam Genis
    1. PIQE will have a graduation ceremony for parents on November 28th. El Rancho has over 150 parents that have completed the parent institute and will be recognized on this evening. Mr. Genis also participated in a Q & A with the parents from PIQE which went very well.
    2. Mr. Genis passed out a draft of the Parent Compact. The School Site Council will review to discuss at the December 2007 meeting.
    3. El Rancho High School has begun to explore the idea of adding a tutorial to the bell schedule. The school is just in the beginning stages. A team of teachers and one administrator visited California High School in Whittier to observe their tutorial system. 
  6. Separate or Action items
    1. School Site Council voted to hold elections in May of every year for the following year.
    2. Items tabled for the December 2007 meeting: Filling Mr. Castanon’s position, and the need for additional alternates.
    3. Mr. Ayala
    1. Christina Padilla
    1. Mr. Pena
  1. Public Comment
    1. Ms. Aguillon expressed her appreciation to El Rancho High School for bringing the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) to our parents. She also asked how we could tap in to more parents. Mr. Genis said that the best way to do this is through word of mouth from parents who benefited from PIQE. He said it is also important to do our part by improving communication with parents regarding curriculum and college information.
  2. Agenda—next meeting will be Wednesday, December 5, 2007.
    1. Revisit the idea of benches and lunch facilities for students.
    2. Outside vendors for lunch
    3. Feedback from the initial WASC visit
    4. Elections
    1. Look at the possibility of an El Rancho High School Beautification Day which includes painting.
    2. Literacy Presentation
    3. School Plan for Student Achievement & WASC
  1. Meeting adjourned at 6:53 p.m.