February 6, 2008

  1. Call to order at 5:05 pm
  2. Flag Salute
  3. A quorum was confirmed.

4. Minutes approved with changes for December 2007
5.   Student Reports— Mr. Genis
a. Friday, February 1st, El Rancho had their winter Formal at Almanzor Court and it was very successful.
b. Saturday, February 2nd, El Rancho’s Academic Decathlon team participated at the super quiz held at USC. El Rancho High School placed 10th out of 63 schools at this event. On Thursday, February 7th, a reception will be held and final results and awards will be announced.
c. Ms. Brown also announced that the junior class is currently planning the 2008 prom. The theme for the evening will be Masquerade.   

  1. DAC – Esther Mejia
    1. A Parent Academy Presentation was made on the California High School Exit Exam. Priscilla Linares will bring copies of the PowerPoint to the next School Site Council meeting.
  2. Special Ed – Priscilla Linares
    1. As of yet, the state has not granted an exemption for The California High School Exit Exam for special education students in the class of 2008. As a result, all special education students on a diploma track will be required to pass both sections of the exam in order to receive a California high school diploma.
  3. Title 1 – Mr. Genis
    1. Mr. Genis requested that all members and visitors of school site council take both the drafts of the Parent Compact and the Parent Involvement Policy to review. Both documents will be added to the April 2008 Agenda.
  4. GATE –  No report
  5. Administration  - Sam Genis
    1. A presentation on the district’s budget and declining enrollment was made to all El Rancho High School teachers. Between the years 2003-2010, ERUSD has projected a loss of 1053 students. As a result, the district is looking at a loss of approximately 7 ½ million dollars by 2010. There is a district facilities committee meeting once a week to investigate school closures. NO decision has been made. The district has also frozen budgets in case there is no cash flow. 
    2. Mr. David Angelo, who is a part of the facilities committee informed school site council that the meetings are open to the public and are held every Tuesday at 6pm at the District Office. A discussion regarding school closures ensued.
    3. Mr. Genis also reported he is postponing the presentation to teachers regarding a tutorial period until after the WASC visitation.
    4. Mr. Genis informed the school site council that per their request the high school menu is now posted online.
    5. Mr. Genis informed the school site council that the school will be purchasing 10 benches using ASB funding. Each unit is approximately $300-$400 and Mr. Ayala will try to get them here before the WASC visit in early March.
    6. Mr. Genis expressed his disappointment with the city’s Chamber of Commerce and their inability to come through for the I’m Going to College student recipients. The goal for the chamber was between 10 and 15 thousand dollars. The Kerkorian theatres, however, were able to fund raise $13,000. Mr. Genis suggested that maybe people should visit the next Chamber of Commerce meeting to express the community’s disappointment.
  6. Separate or Action items
    1. SPSA – A draft of the School Plan was distributed to the school site council. School Site Council also voted to cancel the March 2008 meeting and schedule a meeting for February 21st to finalize and approve the 2007-2008 SPSA .
    2. School Beautification – ER Pride day will be held Saturday, February 23rd. The goal on this day will be to focus on cleaning the insides of classrooms, the cafeteria, the gym and the faculty center in preparation for the WASC visit the following week.
    3. Lunch vendors – the district is in the process of visiting other schools to learn how they provide options for their students. One of the schools that will be visited is Paramount High School.
    4. Parent Compact – tabled until the April 2008 meeting
    5. Bylaws – tabled until the 2008 meeting and Priscilla Linares will bring copies of templates and examples found on the California Department of Education website.  
    6. ASB budget - tabled until the April 2008 meeting
    7. Sports funding & appropriate fundraisers  - tabled until the April 2008 meeting & Mr. Genis will invite Mr. Ayala to address this issue.
  7. Public Comment
    1. Martha Preciado asked that now that the district budget has been frozen and as a result the ELLSC classed have been cancelled for ELD students, what will be done to support those students who have not passed one or both portions of The California High School Exit Exam. Mr. Genis replied that while the budget is frozen, that may change, and if it does, those classes will be brought back. For now, the responsibility of providing that extra assistance falls upon the ELD teachers.
  1. Agenda—
    1. The next meeting will be April 2, 2008.
  1. Meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.