April 2, 2008

  1. Call to order at 5:07pm
  2. Flag Salute
  3. A quorum was confirmed.

4.   Minutes approved for February 6, 2008
5.   Student Representative Report—  Kayla Herrera

  1. DAC – Esther Mejia

a. Esther Mejia attended a workshop on “Developing Capable People.” Handouts to be                    circulated next meeting
b. There is a 65% reserve for ROP/2008-2009. More ROP classes will be available

  1. Special Ed – Tammy Torres
  1. Title 1 – Sam Genis
  1. GATE –  No report
  2. Administration  - Sam Genis

        11. Separate or Action items
a.    WASC follow up- Mr. Genis distributed Chapter IV, pages 43 and 44. These pages presented a synthesis of schoolwide areas of strength and schoolwide critical areas for follow-up. A follow-up report to be given to all members at the next meeting.
b.    Parent Compact and Parent Involvement Policy- In regards to policies, suggestions and changes were made. Mr. Genis will provide updated policies with the suggestions and changes at he May 7 meeting.
c.    ASB Budget- Mr. Ayala distributed and presented the 2007/2008 Budget Report. Questions were directed to Mr. Ayala about revenues and expenses. Mr. Ayala answered the questions from the members and visitors.
         d.    Bylaws- Item tabled for the May 2008 meeting.
         e.                Sports funding & Appropriate fundraisers- Mr. Ayala explained the policy on fundraisers. He stated that all fundraising activities require prior approval and cannot involve any type of gambling including turn-a-rounds to casinos, raffles, or Bingo. There are also restrictions on what can be sold on school grounds. Mr. Ayala also informed the SSC that there is a procedure to request a fundraiser and that all fundraisers must be approved by the ASB Cabinet. 
      12 . Public Comment

      13.  Agenda—next regular meeting will be Wednesday, May 7, 2008.

14. Meeting adjourned at 6:56 p.m.