11/5/2008 - SSC Minutes

Flag Salute – led by parliamentarian James Halley

Call to order

Dr. Aurora Villon called to order the regular meeting at 5:04PM on 11/5/2008 in the school library. Dr. Villon welcomed everyone and reminded all that the agenda must be followed in order adjourn the meeting at 6:45pm and also that any pressing items must be put in the agenda for discussion.

SSC quorum was confirmed

SSC members in attendance:

           Parents-David Angelo, Esperanza Angelo, Alfredo Martinez, Esther Mejia,

Sarita Mota, Antoinette Paez, and Dr. Aurora Villon.

Student members- Genesse Carrillo, Bo Guillen, Steve Ramirez, and Taylor Torres.

Classified Staff- none.

Certificated Staff- Charlene Brown and James Halley

Administration- Sam Genis

Visitors in attendance:

Leticia S. Flores, Pat Gomez, Frances Nguyen and Alfred Renteria

Approval of minutes from last meeting

School site council members individually read the October 1st meeting minutes. Charlene Brown motioned/ David Angelo 2nd the minutes be approved with corrections. Motion carried and passed.

Student representative report- Genesse Carrillo, Bo Guillen, Taylor Torres, Steve Ramirez reported the following:

September athletes of the month were Marcus Galan/Football and Mariah Cardenas/Volleyball

Students participated in the “Trick or Treat for Hunger” on 10/11/08

Homecoming theme “Grand Ball”. Homecoming week activities included a blue pride fashion show, and the night pep rally which was won by the senior class. Homecoming queen Tatiana Gomez was announced during halftime at the Friday football game. Lastly, the homecoming dance was commented as being “pretty good”.

Red Ribbon week 10/20-10/24. Anti-drug posters are displayed throughout the school. Daily activities were held during lunch and students wore red on Friday.

Announced canned food drive class competition. The canned food is donated to the Pico Rivera Christmas Basket Committee. 1st period class will be treated to a donut party.    

DAC report- Esther Mejia reported on behalf of Dr. Aurora Villon who was unable to attend the October DAC meeting due to illness. Mrs. Ruth Baskett/ERUSD DAC coordinator presented a power point presentation covering the following:

  1. Roles and responsibilities of DAC members

Robert’s Rules of Order  meeting procedures

School Site Council responsibilities were reviewed

Categorical Program Monitoring Process for 2008-2009 was presented

Needs assessment was distributed to all school representatives to take back to their school sites for parent input on upcoming DAC parent workshops.

Next DAC meeting to be held on 11/19/08 at 6:30pm South Ranchito Elementary. Meetings are open to the public. 

Special Ed- no report

EIA/SCE- no report (new funding source)

Title I- no report

GATE- Mr. Genis reported there are about $2,800 in funds no longer frozen

Administration- Sam Genis introduced Ms. Ruth Baskett/ERUSD DAC facilitator. Ms. Baskett shared a PowerPoint presentation on CPM(Categorical Programs Monitoring ). The CPM State review will take place in our district Jan 5-9,2009. CPM will be reviewing the district office data on the first day and will visit ERHS and two other school sites on other days. CPM will meet with SSC parent members of the selected school sites to verify SPSA reflects correct use of categorical funds. ERUSD district welcomes the visit and its findings. Mr. Robert Gomez is the lead for CPM review, who will give daily findings and recommendations to the district Ms. Baskett noted that there were commendations at the last visit 8 years ago. The district has 45 days to correct any non-compliance findings. Ms. Baskett also shared that there will be training for the district administrators on 11/18 to streamline their schools SPSA’s. She also reminded that the SPSA is a living document that can be revised by the school site and that is submitted to the school board district for approval.

Separate Action items:

  1. Lunch Proposal- Mr. Genis shared there was a food survey that went out to a cross section of students. The purpose of the survey is to eliminate 1/3 of the entrees that are least desirable. Two more lunch carts added in the Quad serving the top two selling items, pizza and spicy chicken sandwiches. The hot food side of the cafeteria will be converted into buffet, serving an entrée, salad, etc. and students serve themselves. Food services will create a special lunch menu for clubs so that they may order food to be delivered/picked up before lunch. The advisor/teacher must make the order and be present supervising the lunch meeting in their rooms.
  2. Review bylaws- Mr. Genis will work on “wording” for amendment to bylaws, to inform incoming 9th grade parents of the May school site council elections.  This item is tabled for December SSC meeting.
  3. SSC members voted unanimously to change classification of “Clerk Typist 3” position to “Library Clerk” and to dissolve the instructional Aide 3 position /Bilingual office. David Angelo moved/ James Haley 2nd the motion.
  4. SSC members voted unanimously to dissolve the instructional Aide 3 position /Bilingual office. Charlene Brown moved/ Antoinette Paez 2nd the motion.
  5. Ninth grade parents- same as item b.

Public Comment

  1.  A group of ELD students presented a written petition and expressed their need to have accommodations for their Economic & Government class. The accommodation requested is help in their native Spanish language in order to comprehend class material and successfully master the already challenging subjects. The students also requested Economic & Government bilingual classes for the upcoming school year. Dr. Aurora Villon thanked the students for sharing their concerns and noted to make this an agenda item for the next school site council meeting.

Agenda Forecast for Dec 3rd meeting

  1. 2008-2009 SPSA review
  2. ELD student Economic/Government class concerns.
  3. Update on semester schedule as requested by Dr. Aurora Villon.
  4. Parent involvement- as requested by David Angelo.
  5. Career connections- as requested by Antoinette Paez.

Charlene Brown motioned/ Toni Paez 2nd  a meeting adjournment.

Dr. Aurora Villon adjourned the meeting at 6:37pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Esther Mejia/SSC Secretary

Minutes approved by: