School Site Council Meeting Minutes 10/6/2010

I. Flag Salute-led by parliamentarian James Halley

II. Call to order
            Mr. David Angelo called to order the regular meeting at 5:05pm on 10/6/2010 in the school library

III. SSC quorum was confirmed
            SSC members in attendance:
Parents- David Angelo, Pat Gomez, Alfredo Martinez, Antoinette Paez, Teresa Navarro
            Students- Edith Vasquez, Elise Contreras, Amber Garcia, Arlene Rodriguez
            Classified Staff- none
            Certificated Staff- James Halley, Mary Chapman, Juventino Gutierrez, Martin             Martinez
            Administration- Sam Genis
            Members who sent regrets- Esther Mejia, Dr. Villon
Visitors in Attendance- Sarita Mota, Aurora Alcaraz, Eva Ochoa, Teresa Villegas-Brown, Alfred Renteria, Rachel Canchola, Anthony De la Rosa

IV. Approval of minutes from last meeting
            School site council members agreed to table the approval of minutes due to the absence of secretary Ester Mejia

Va. Students representative report- Edith Vasquez, Elise Contreras, Amber Garcia, and Arlene Rodriguez reported the following:
            1)         Welcome Back Pep Rally was a success
            2)         The students and staff have been introduced to Character Counts!
            3)         Back to School Night was a success with many parents attending

  1. Homecoming Week is October 25, 2010-October 29, 2010 and is the ASB‘s current focus.

Vb. DAC report- Mr. Angelo reported that there hasn’t been a meeting yet

Vc. Special Ed- Mr. Gutierrez shared his “Up to Speed with Sped” report and took questions from the school site council. A copy of his edifying report is attached to the minutes

Vd. EIA/SCE- Mr. Genis shared the current budget and asked for approval for the following items
            SCE requested purchases:
            1.Biology Concepts Textbooks: $6, 122.00
            2. ACNT/Laptops for teachers to use with presentation systems: $33,725.00
            3. Ikon Tonor-for printers in library for extra support: $ $14,073.00
            4. Star Educational Systems/Wireless pads for pres. Systems: $5026.00
            5. Kaplan Test Prep: $1, 906.00

            LEP requested purchases

  1. Star Educational Systems/Wireless pads for pres. Systems: $5026.00

James Halley motioned/ Antoinette Paez 2nd the approval of the above mentioned items. Motion was carried and passed

Ve. Gate- no report due to frozen budget

Vf.  Administration- Mr. Genis reported the following:
            1The attendance campaign is going extremely well: ERHS was the highest attendance rate in the district (97%)

  1. The focus of the campaign has been on clearing absences: We have seen a 57% drop in unexcused absences compared to last year. Students with three or more unexcused absences are referred to attendance counselor, Erika Ornelas who will put students in an after school program so the school can re-coup the ADA
  2.  Attendance has become part of the grading policies of all teachers thanks to the efforts of teacher Raul Elias.
  3. Character Counts! Was introduced to students at the Welcome Back Assembly. All students participated in an activity during 2nd period tutorial on September 30, 2010. There will be many activities on campus that will include Character Counts!
  4. Of the 288 athletes on campus 277 met eligibility (2.0 GPA) which is a 97%. Mr. Genis attributes the success to Coaches and teachers who are holding students accountable and providing study hall and/or tutoring to athletes.
  5. ERHS API is 715 and a map with local school’s APIs are available on the Don Page.
  6. 10 students and 1 teacher will be heading to the Huntington Library to listen to a debate

VI. Separate Action Items
            a) Parent Leadership Council will be holding two workshops, for parents and students, every Monday beginning on November 1, 2010 for 15 weeks covering various topics. They are also hosting a family movie night in the cafeteria on October 15, 2010
            b) PLC Summary- Mr. Genis provided a list of the PLC’s and their mission statements along with the PLC newsletters from September and October. Mr. Genis stated it was the efforts of teacher Claire Katsumura that has made the PLCs a success.
            c) CST Review- tabled for November meeting. Dr. Ventura was home sick
            d) Bylaws Review- SSC bylaws were provided to all members. Members will come to the November meeting to discuss of any changes need to be made
VII. Public Comment

  1. Mr. Renteria asked if the second gate in front of the school could be open before zero period to reduce the amount of traffic congestion. Mr. Genis said he would speak to Mr. Vargas regarding the issue
  2. Mrs. Gomez thanked Mr. Genis for having the lights on near the North Parking lot gate for water polo practice but she asked if lights along the school from the gate to the pool could also be turned on
  3. Mrs. Canchola asked if SSC would like to look at the architect plans for the boys and girls locker rooms. This will be on the agenda for the November meeting
  4. KMEX-Ch. 34 will be broadcasting from the front of the school on Friday October 8, 2010. They will be interviewing students
  5. Many before school and after school programs are on hold until the state budget is approved

VIII. Future Meeting

            November 3, 2010 in the Library

VIIII. Agenda Forecast

  1. Bylaws
  2. CST Review
  3. Approval of minutes from September meeting

X Adjournment
Mr. Genis motioned/ Elise Contreras 2nd meeting adjournment.
Mr. Angelo adjourned the meeting at 6:10pm