Flag Salute – led by principal, Mr. Sam Genis
Call to order
SSC Chairperson, Alfred Renteria called to order the regular meeting at 5:05 PM in the school library.
SSC quorum was confirmed by the school site secretary
SSC members in attendance
Parents- Alfredo Martinez, Sarita Mota, Teresa Villegas, Alfred Renteria and Pat Gomez
Students- David Ramirez and Amber Hernandez
Classified Staff- none
Certificated Staff- Mary Chapman
Administration- Sam Genis
      Visitors in attendance- Aurora Alvarez

IV. Review and Approve the SPSA
School site council members individually read the SPSA. Members provided corrections and discussed items. Mr. Alfred Renteria motioned the approval of the SPSA with stated corrections/ Teresa Villegas seconded. Motion carried.

Mr. Genis motioned/ Mr. Martinez seconded the meeting adjournment.

Chairperson Alfred Renteria adjourned the meeting at 5:27pm.
Minutes respectfully submitted by:  Mary Chapman/SSC Secretary