Flag Salute – led by SSC president, Alfred Renteria
Call to order
SSC Chairperson, Alfred Renteria called to order the regular meeting at 5:00 PM in the school library.
SSC quorum was confirmed by the school site secretary
SSC members in attendance
Parents- Teresa Navarro and Pat Gomez, Sarita Mota, and Esther Mejia
Students- Gabby De La Rosa, Kristal Perez, Sydney Woo and Jaelene Rodriguez
Classified Staff- none
Certificated Staff- Martin Martinez, Freddy Larrache, and Mary Chapman
Administration- Sam Genis
      Visitors in attendance- Aurora Alvarez, Margaret Renteria

IV. Approval of minutes from last meeting
School site council members individually read the December 7, 2011 meeting minutes. Sam Genis motioned / Kristal Perez seconded approval of the meeting minutes as read.
School site council members individually read the January 10, 2012 meeting minutes. Sydney Woo motioned / Gabby De La Rosa seconded approval of the meeting minutes as read.

Jaelene: December: Christmas tree decorating; Juniors came in 1st, seniors 2nd, sophomores in 3rd and freshmen 4th. Powder puff was great and the juniors beat the seniors.
SydneyStudents came back from winter break and began preparing for finals. We had our annual Blue Pride Day (to prepare for academic decathlon) on a Thursday rather than the traditional Saturday to encourage more staff appreciation. We hosted ERHS’s first annual blackout game against Whittier, and as a result received many compliments from both ER and Whittier staff. There was a three day testing window for finals.
Kristal: Sports: The soccer team is ranked number 1 in the state and number 8 in the nation. They are currently 16-0. The basketball team is off to a 4-2 start. The wrestling team has league finals this Saturday. Spring sports are currently holding tryouts for their seasons
Gabby: Upcoming Events:
                We began the new semester Monday. We are hosting a staff appreciation basketball game (2/3), parent night and winterbelle (2/10), winter formal (2/11), Open house (2/16) and teen read week (2/27-3/2).

Separate Action items

  Public Comment- None
Agenda Forecast

Teresa Navarro motioned/ Kristal Perez seconded the meeting adjournment.

Chairperson Alfred Renteria adjourned the meeting at 5:28pm.
Minutes respectfully submitted by:  Mary Chapman/SSC Secretary