Flag Salute – led by Rachel Canchola
Call to order
SSC Chairperson, Alfred Renteria called to order the regular meeting at 5:03 PM in the school library.
SSC quorum was confirmed by the school site secretary
SSC members in attendance
Parents- Teresa Villegas, Alfred Renteria, Alfredo Martinez, and Sarita Mota,
Students- Marisa Morales, Kristal Perez, Sydney Woo and Jaelene Rodriguez
Classified Staff- none
Certificated Staff- Martin Martinez, Freddy Larrache, Raul Elias and Mary Chapman
Administration- Sam Genis
Regrets- Pat Gomez
Visitors- Rachel Canchola

IV. Approval of minutes from last meeting
School site council members individually read the March 7, 2012 meeting minutes. The following corrections were made: public comment, paragraph 1: Name typo-Ellias should read Elias. Action Item 6b: The $60-70, 000/teacher includes benefits.
 Freddy Larrache motioned to approve the minutes with corrections / Raul Elias seconded.

Kristal: Mother Daughter Victorian Tea was held in the cafeteria on March 7th. The beautiful garden like decorations, trivia games, tea and sandwiches were enjoyed by mothers and their daughters.
Marisa: Friday March 16th was the Sadie’s pep rally in the main gym at lunch. Each class decorated and dressed according to the jungle theme. 9th: Ferocious Freshmen-tan and black, 10th: Swinging da vine Sophomores-brown and green, 11th: Jumanji Juniors-brown and yellow, 12th:Slithering Seniors-Green and yellow. The class competition was a slurpee contest: seniors took first, sophomores 2nd, freshmen 3rd, and juniors 4th.  
Sydney: 3/23 was the Sadie Hawkins’s dance held in the main gym. There were jungle themed decorations and a juice bar. Students and guests enjoyed the music and had a lot of fun
2/23 was Avid Magic Mountain night, however, it was cancelled due to lack of ticket purchases by students.
Jaelene: Upcoming Events: El Rancho’s 3rd Annual Talent Show is being held at 7pm in the main gym. Students will have the opportunity to show off their singing and dancing abilities along with performances from a few bands. We invite all of you to come and support our students and enjoy a night full of musical talent. Tickets are being sold for $5 at the door.

       a). June/July meeting dates
Set dates for tentative school site council meetings on June 6th and July 11th

  Public Comment-
-Mr. Elias: Students have created a student density map to show where bus lines should be. The city contracted with a consultant who only referenced a traffic analysis, which lead to inaccurate data and has left little coverage in the north and south. Student’s information was much more through and they have been asked by the council to be a part of the RFP for next year. In addition, due to the student’s input the city is creating free shuttles that will run down Rosemead Boulevard.
-Mr. Renteria announced that the applications for the Don Booster scholarships are out and wants to encourage graduating seniors to apply. 
Agenda Forecast

Teresa Villegas motioned/ Freddy Larrache seconded the meeting adjournment.

Chairperson Alfred Renteria adjourned the meeting at 5:40pm.
Minutes respectfully submitted by:  Mary Chapman/SSC Secretary