Flag Salute – led by parliamentarian Esther Mejia
Call to order
SSC Chairperson, Alfred Renteria called to order the regular meeting at 5:05 PM in the school library.
SSC quorum was confirmed by the school site secretary
SSC members in attendance
Parents- Teresa Villegas, Alfred Renteria, Alfredo Martinez and Esther Mejia
Students- Marisa Morales, Kristal Perez, Sydney Woo and Jaelene Rodriguez
Classified Staff- none
Certificated Staff- Martin Martinez, Freddy Larrache, Raul Elias and Mary Chapman
Administration- Sam Genis
Visitor: Alicia Villegas


IV. Approval of minutes from last meeting
School site council members individually read the April 11, 2012 meeting minutes. The following correction was made: Rachel Canchola should be listed as visitor under item three: roll call.
Mr. Renteria moved to approve the minutes with the correction/ Mr. Genis seconded.

Jaelene: Our annual talent show was held on Friday April 13th with an admission price of $5. All performances went smoothly and the show was a hit. We made $1,265 profit from ticket sales and we’re currently looking into buying new mascots. 
Sydney: On April 18 the multicultural carnival took place during lunch, and included the usual fair of fundraising foods being sold by clubs, sports, and other school groups.  Ms. Leal's Art Class came out beforehand to decorate the quad with some unique chalk-drawings. ASB elections were also held last Friday, April 27th and new officers were appointed for next year’s executive commission.
Kristal: In the land of sports, our boy’s tennis team went undefeated. Baseball is currently 6-3 while softball is 3-1. Track is doing exceptionally well as the boys team is 4-0 while the girls is 3-1. Our swim team has a record of 2-4 for the boys and 3-4 for the girls.
Marisa: To kick off the month of May we have begun our annual CST testing which means a new block schedule of odd classes on Mondays and Wednesdays and even classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and classes 1-6 on Fridays. Our wonderful new schedule ends on may 18th. Dodge ball, prom, staff appreciation, and pepster tryouts will also be going on around campus.

  Public Comment-
-Mr. Genis thanked everyone for their continued support throughout this school year. The district and the school  are facing financial hard times and they are going to rely heavily on categorical funds.
-Mr. Elias asked if it is confirmed that Judge Wesley will be attending the next board meeting. Mr. Renteria said he believed board member, Rachel Canchola confirmed Judge Wesley’s attendance for the May 10th board meeting.
Future meeting dates and times:
If necessary there will be a meeting on June 6, 2012.

Esther Mejia motioned/ Alfredo Martinez seconded the meeting adjournment.

Chairperson Alfred Renteria adjourned the meeting at 5:27pm.
Minutes respectfully submitted by:  Mary Chapman/SSC Secretary