Flag Salute – led by Sydney Woo
Call to order
SSC Vice-Chairperson, Teresa Villegas called to order the regular meeting at 5:04 PM in the school library.
SSC quorum was confirmed by the school site secretary
SSC members in attendance
Parents- Teresa Villegas, Alfredo Martinez, Alicia Villegas, and Esther Mejia
Students- Adam Luis, Sydney Woo, Mia Castillo and Francisco Garcia
Other school Staff- none
Certificated Staff- Martin Martinez, Freddy Larrache, Mary Helen Welch-Ebert
Administration- Sam Genis
      Alternates - Debbie Goodall, Ruth Villaneda

IV. Approval of minutes from last meeting
School site council members individually read the September 12, 2012 meeting minutes. Esther Mejia motioned to approve the minutes with corrections / Alicia Villegas seconded.

Adam: Football team ended its pre-season schedule. League starts on Friday against Cal High. It is Homecoming and they will crown the Homecoming queen at halftime. Back to School Night went well along with the Power 106 basketball game.
Sydney: Club Fair was September 28th. Power 106 game was successful. Homecoming week was full of Blue Pride.
Mia: Blue Pride Day took place on Tuesday, October 2, 2012.
Francisco: Carnival took place today, during lunch. Night Pep Rally is this Thursday night. Friday, at lunch, they will announce the homecoming court princesses. Queen will be crowned at the halftime show.

Separate Action items

  Public Comment-   

Sam Genis motioned/ Mary Helen Welch-Ebert seconded the meeting adjournment.

Vice-Chairperson Teresa Villegas adjourned the meeting at 6:23 PM.
Minutes respectfully submitted by:  Sam Genis/SSC Secretary for a Day