Flag Salute - led by Maricruz Argueta
Call to order
Alfredo Martinez called the regular meeting to order at 5:04PM on 12/5/12 in the school library.
SSC quorum was confirmed
SSC members in attendance:
             Parents-   Debbie Goodall, Alfredo Martinez, Esther Mejia, Alfred Renteria Jr.,
             Alicia Villegas, and Teresa Villegas
             Students- Maricruz Argueta, Mia Castillo, Francisco Garcia, and Sydney Woo
Classified Staff- none
Certificated Staff- Freddy Larrache, Mary Helen Welch-Ebert
Administration- Sam Genis
Members who sent regrets: Raul Elias
Visitors in attendance: none
Approval of minutes from last meeting
School site council members individually read the November 14th regular meeting and November 28th special meeting minutes. Alicia Villegas motioned/ Maricruz Argueta seconded the November 14th minutes. Sam Genis motioned / Alfredo Martinez seconded the November 28th special meeting minutes. Both minutes were approved as read.
Student representatives report- Maricruz Argueta, Mia Castillo, Francisco Garcia, and Sydney Woo reported the following:

DAC report- Teresa Villegas reported that parent responsibilities were tabled until next meeting in February. Math night workshop will start next year at a DAC meeting. She also commented that Ms. Roxanne Fuentes, ERUSD Assistant Superintendent attended the DAC meeting and shared about her life and community roots in Pico Rivera.    
DELAC report- Alfredo Martinez reported that he would bring notes from presentation to next meeting. 
Special Ed- Freddy Larrache reported there was a meeting on Monday, December 2nd in which Kristine Ramos/ERUSD coordinator of Special Education showed teachers how to complete an IEP. A needs assessment survey will be put together by Ms. Ramos and given to teachers at a future meeting. Dr. Ventura will review findings of the survey.   
GATE-  No report
Administration- Mr. Genis reported the following:

Action items:

Public Comment- none.
Agenda forecast

Next meeting will be held on February 6, 2013  
Freddy Larrache motioned/ Alicia Villegas seconded a meeting adjournment.
Alfredo Martinez adjourned the meeting at 6:11pm.
Minutes respectfully submitted by:  Esther Mejia/SSC Secretary