School Site Council Meeting Minutes 5/1/2013



Chairperson, Alfredo Martinez called to order the regular meeting at 5:03PM on 5/1/2013 in the school library.


SSC members


Alfredo Martinez, Chairperson (2012-13, 2013-14 term) Teresa Villegas, Vice Chairperson (2011-12, 2012-13 term)
Esther Mejia, Secretary (2012-13, 2013-14 term) Alfred Renteria, Member (2011-12, 2012-13 term)
Ruth Villaneda, Member (serving remainder of 2012-13 term for Pat Gomez)
Alicia Villegas, Member (2012-13, 2013-14 term)


Mia Castillo, Member
Francisco Garcia, Member
Sydney Woo, Member
Edith Vazquez, Member

Classified Staff


Certificated Staff

Raul Elias, Member (Absent) Martin Martinez, Member (Absent)
Freddy Larrache, Member
Mary Helen Welch-Ebert , Member


Sam Genis, Member
Visitors in attendance: None
Members who sent regrets: Debbie Goodall, Alternate Member (2012-13, 2013-14 term)


April 10th meeting minutes adopted with date correction
Motion: Alfred Martinez Second: Esther Mejia


a. Student Representative Report

9 Starting on Monday April 15th to the 19th we had our first spirit week which involved different dress up themes. Monday was patriotic day (red, white, and blue). Tuesday was twinning day (dress alike with someone). Wednesday was crazy hat or hair day. Thursday was Hawaiian day (or general beach attire): and Friday was sports jersey day, along with the Multi-Cultural Carnival at lunch.

9 Starting on Monday we had our first ever "Gender Wars" week which was a week of lunchtime boys- versus- girls games. A running tally had been kept through all the week and on Friday it was decided that El Rancho is ran by boys and girls equally.

9 Throughout this week we have been taking the CST's for various subjects and today was our last day. This Friday is our annual Talent Show which you guys are welcome to attend it is five dollars at the door.

9 ASB elections will also be held on the same day which will determine next year's ASB. Prom this year is on May 11th at the Diamond Bar Center with an "Escape to Wonderland" theme. Other upcoming events include "Honor Crest Ceremony" on May 24th, "Senior Picnic" on May 29th, and "Farewell Assembly" on May 31st.

b.DAC- No report since there was no meeting
c. DELAC- No report since there was no meeting d.Special Ed. – No report
e.Administration -

9 “Every 15 Minutes” was a success

9 CST testing in progress. Last day of testing is May 2nd

9 AP testing will be on May 6th

9 Honor Crest scheduled for May 23rd

9 ER Golf team are Varsity League Champs

9 There was discussion at the Principals meeting to advertise/promote our schools.

Pamphlet with school will be produced and mailed to the Pico Rivera community.

9 Pico Rivera Profile will have a section with ERUSD highlights in its quarterly issue.

9 Announced that SSC elections were not needed this year since we have too many parent members and there needs to be parity within groups.

6. Separate Action items:

a. Parent-School Compact- tabled until next meeting

7. Public Comment

1) Alfred Renteria commented that the Don Booster Club received 18 scholarship applications. Some were rejected due to not meeting requirements. Twelve scholarships will be awarded in the amount of $1,000 each.
2) Ruth Villaneda requested status of locker room and was concerned if it was cost effective for school to get a new pool. Mr. Renteria commented delay with new projects were due to past projects no cleared as finished/certified with state inspector, however the State is working with district to clear those past projects in order to move forward. Mr. Renteria also shared that there was 12 million dollars left in Bond "A" and 5 million in 1st series of Bond
3) Esther Mejia thanked Mr. Genis for successfully engaging all SSC members at the meetings and when reviewing the SPSA over the past four years. As this is the last meeting she would attend as a SSC member she shared the following recommendations that she would like ERHS to consider.
Implement Accelerated Reader at other grade levels rather than just at 9th Grade. It would benefit all students especially those that are not at grade level reading and ESL students. Reading is always important and should be encouraged. It can be used as extra credit in Language Arts .
Invest in Accelerated Math for our students. It is aligned to Common Core.
Sports- Continue to have strong athletic teams by making sure our coaches are taking advantage of the free clinics offered by LA84 Foundation. Our student-athletes deserve the best.
Parent Conferences-Continue to have parent conferences even if the parent portal finally goes school wide. It is vital that parents as stakeholders take ownership of school. They will only do this if they visit the school and meet teachers.
Online Payment option-Consider investing in a online payment to allow parents to pay online for school lunches and to apply online for free and reduced lunch. Eliminates paper files, speeds application process .
Binders-Consider purchasing binders for SSC members to keep bylaws on hand and organize their minutes, agendas and handouts.

8. Future meeting

Next will be held on September 4th 2013

9. Agenda Forecast

Parent-School Compact (select teacher responsibilities) Review/approve Student Responsibilities
ELAC Delegation (tabled from March 2013)
School Site Council Officer elections (per SSC bylaws)

2013-2014 Parent members

Alfredo Martinez Debbie Goodall Ruth Villaneda Alicia Villegas

10. Adjournment

Motion: Sam Genis Second: Alicia Villegas
Chairperson Alfred Martinez adjourned the meeting at 6:30 pm
Minutes submitted respectfully by: Esther Mejia/SSC Secretary