School Site Council Meeting Minutes 9/17/13
El Rancho High School

1.         FLAG SALUTE
                        Led by Mia Alvarez

2.         CALL TO ORDER
                        Ms. Jessica Kwek called to order the regular meeting at 5:05pm on                         9/17/13 in the school library.

3.         ROLL CALL

                        SSC members in attendance:
                        Parents--Debbie Goodall, Alicia Villegas, Ruth Villaneda
                        Students--Mia Castillo, Natalie Woo, Mia Alvarez
                        Classified Staff--None
                        Certificated Staff--Desiree Palacios, April Farris, Mary Helen Welch-Ebert
                        Administration--Ms. Jessica Kwek
                        Visitors in attendance--Josie Alvarez
                        Members who sent regrets--Alfredo Martinez

                        Quorum confirmed.

                        Vice Chairperson--Debbie Goodall
                        Secretary--Ruth Villaneda
**Vice Chairperson Debbie Goodall called meeting to order.

                        May--Motioned:  Ms. Jessica Kwek, Second:  Mary Helen Welch-Ebert


    1.  Student Representative Report (Mia Castillo, Natalie Woo, Mia Alvarez)

--Executive Commission had a 2-day retreat which taught them how to be better leaders and how to use each individual’s strengths to their advantage.

--On 8/19/13, Executive Commission organized a breakfast for the staff as a kind gesture welcoming them back to school.

--Students were excited about new principal, however, were disappointed with the new schedule.

--Thanks to Link Crew the freshmen class have felt very welcomed at El Rancho and have enjoyed their first couple of days at school.

--The Night Pep Rally theme is City Lights, Lively Nights and each class has had meetings where they have chosen their subthemes as well as talked about decorations and skit ideas.  Night Pep Rally is on 10/17/13.

--Blue Crew, a student section at every home game, needed a few improvements and much school spirit (a work in progress). 

--Freshmen, JV and Varsity Football teams all won their games against Marina on 8/30/13.

--Welcome Back Assembly on 8/30/13 was successful.  Many teachers and administrators liked that it was quick and to the point.

--DJ lunch promos are a good way to involve freshmen into some fun and hopefully will encourage them to attend school dances.

--Back to School Night was on 9/5/13 and was for incoming freshmen and their parents to become familiar with the school’s curriculum as well as clubs and activities. 

--Executive Commission is working on a way to involve administrators in events and activities.

--Fall sports are preparing for their seasons to begin and are hoping for more support from the student body as well as faculty.

--Homecoming Week is just around the corner and we are excited to share it with our community (we invite everyone to share events with us such as NPR, Homecoming Assembly, and the Halftime Show which will held from 10/15/13 to 10/18/13). 

    1.  DAC--No report
    3.  DELAC--No report
    5.  Special Education--April Farris reported to SSC new teachers and new aides are working in special education programs.  ASAI and SAI students will attend Abilities Expo to be held at Community Center in Whittier during the month of October.  Job Club presentations in the area of vocational education have been provided to students during English periods.
    7.  Administration--Ms. Kwek presented SPSA information (Single Plan for Student Achievement).  WASC (Western Association for Schools and Colleges) 6-year visit is coming in Fall of 2014.  Ms. Kwek and SSC will review action plan and components at this phase of Program Improvement.  Ms. Kwek shared she is excited to be part of El Rancho High School.  She looks forward to work with the community.  Ms. Kwek proposed to move meetings to Tuesdays (second--Desiree Palacios).  Bylaws will be updated to reflect change of meeting date.



    1.  Parent School Compact--Debbie Goodall asked if final draft of Parent Compact has      been approved.  Ms. Kwek discussed possible overlap of Teacher Responsibilities and School Responsibilities.  Josie Alvarez asked if compact would be issued to parents on a yearly basis.  Ms. Kwek responded yes.  Debbie Goodall requested contact information for teachers be provided in Parent Compact.  Desiree Palacios asked if Parent Portal should be part of Parent Responsibilities in compact.  Ms. Kwek announced Parent Portal training will take place during upcoming College Night.  Alicia Villegas suggested changes in Spanish version of compact.  Ms. Kwek moved to make changes to compact, second--Debbie Goodall.  Needed changes to compact can be brought to agenda in the future.  Parent Compact to be provided by Ms. Kwek for review on 10/1/13.


--Debbie Goodall had a question regarding instructional methods.  Ms. Kwek recommended parents speak directly to teacher to inquire about instructional methods used in the classroom. 

--Alicia Villegas discussed possibility of using Donor Choose site to help teachers raise funds for specific supplies.  Parents can donate to specific teacher/classroom. 

--Josie Alvarez asked about Program Improvement and how it impacts ERHS.  Ms. Kwek shared with SSC school is in a transitional period with introduction of Common Core.  During Year 1 of Program Improvement, district sends out a letter to families.  ERHS has met goal for  graduation rate, currently not meeting proficiency rate for CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam).  SPSA should address measures school is using to make improvements to scores.  Josie Alvarez shared concern about ERHS preparing students for success at the college level.  Desiree Palacios talked about the use of the A-G Passport at ERHS.  Students use Passport to stay on track with classes and graduation requirements. 

--Ms. Kwek will meet with instructional managers to compare ERHS with other schools.

--Debbie Goodall expressed desire to see state take into consideration each school’s population and diverse learning differences. 

--Ms. Kwek asked if current meeting location is appropriate. 

  1.         FUTURE MEETING


            Next meeting will be held on October 1, 2013

  1.         AGENDA FORECAST


            Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)



            Motion:  Debbie Goodall         Second:  Desiree Palacios
            Debbie Goodall adjourned the meeting at 5:55pm

Minutes submitted by Ruth Villaneda-SSC Secretary