School Site Council Meeting Minutes 11/12/13
El Rancho High Schol
Special Session

1.         FLAG SALUTE--Led by Amber Hernandez

2.         CALL TO ORDER--Mr. Alfredo Martinez called to order the special session          meeting at 5:05pm in the Principal’s Conference Room.


                        SSC members in attendance:
                        Parents--Alfredo Martinez, Alicia Villegas, Ruth Villaneda
                        Students--Amber Hernandez, Mia Castillo, Briana Morales, Katherine Pina
                        Classified Staff--None
                        Certificated Staff--Desiree Palacios, April Farris, Mary Helen Welch-Ebert,                         Mary Chapman
                        Administration--Ms. Jessica Kwek
                        Visitors in attendance--Josie Cambero
                        Members who sent regrets--Debbie Goodall     

                        Quorum confirmed.

4.         APPROVAL OF MINUTES (11/5/13)
            --Motioned:  Amber Hernandez,  Second:  Desiree Palacios

5.         SEPARATE OR ACTION ITEMS--Review and approve SPSA/WASC Action Plan.

                        a--Ms. Kwek asked if anyone had suggestions for changes or revisions.
                        b--Josie Cambero suggested review of SPSA for grammatical changes.
                        c--Changes to SPSA can be made throughout the school year.
                        d--All were in favor to approve grammatical changes to SPSA.
                        e--SPSA signed by Ms. Kwek and Mr. Alfredo Martinez (chair).

6.         FUTURE MEETING DATE will be on December 3, 2013 at 5pm

7.         ADJOURNMENT

            Motion:  Mary Chapman,    Second:  Desiree Palacios
            Alfredo Martinez adjourned the meeting at 5:20pm.


Minutes submitted by Ruth Villaneda-SSC Secretary