School Site Council Meeting Minutes 2/4/14
El Rancho High School

1.         FLAG SALUTE
                        Led by Mia Castillo

2.         CALL TO ORDER
                        Mr. Martinez called meeting to order at 5:04pm.

3.         ROLL CALL

                        SSC members in attendance:
                        Parents--Alfredo Martinez, Debbie Goodall, Alicia Villegas, Ruth Villaneda
                        Students--Mia Castillo, Amber Hernandez, Briana Morales, Mia Alvarez
                        Classified Staff--None
                        Certificated Staff--Desiree Palacios, April Farris, Mary-Helen Welch-Ebert,
                        Mary Chapman
                        Administration--Ms. Jessica Kwek, Mr. Steven Rodriguez
                        Visitors in attendance--Josie Cambero
                        Members who sent regrets--None

                        Quorum confirmed.
4.         APPROVAL OF MINUTES (12/3/13)
            --Motioned:      Ms. Kwek moved to approve minutes with corrections
                                    Second--Mary-Helen Welch-Ebert

**Ms. Kwek asked to be excused at 5:30pm to attend ERUSD Board of Education meeting.

    1.  Student Representative Report

--The College and Career Center has teamed up with Rio Hondo College to create programs to help Seniors prepare for college.  Class Presidents were in charge of decorating a Christmas tree with a theme and color of their choice that would be given to families in need.  Competition took place on 12/11/13 and the Sophomore class took first place for their creative sweet treat themed tree.  The Powder Puff Rally and game took place the following day.  Senior class took the win. 

--ER Pride Day was held on 1/16/14, many students and staff got involved and did a great job cleaning our campus.  Finals Week was January 22-24, 2014, also an early release day for students.  January 24, 2014 was Law Day.  Law enforcement officers, lawyers, and judges were available for students to ask questions and get more information.  Day 1 of the LA County Academic Decathlon was held on January 25, 2014 at ERHS.  Students and staff members received compliments about cleanliness of our campus.  Day 2 was held at USC and the Decathlon participants are anxious to see their results.

--Blue Crew has made a comeback to promote school spirit at basketball games.  Mr. Pringle was crowned “Teacher of the Semester” on January 25, 2014.  ER hosted E-Waste Day on February 1, 2014 which was open to community members to get rid of old and unused electronics.  Foreign exchange students are visiting from Beijing, China to observe our school’s culture and to experience something new.  They also celebrated Chinese New Year in our cafeteria. 

--Winter sports are underway.  Teams are participating in league games and they are approaching the end of the season.  Teens for Jeans is encouraging students to bring their old jeans to be donated to teens in need.  Collection will be held from February 3 to February 14.  Other upcoming events include:  Winter Formal (Lost at Sea) at Miles Square Golf Course, Staff Appreciation, Winterbelle, Teen Read Week (February 24 to February 28), Senior Night (February 17) and Mother/Daughter Breakfast (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) on March 1st.


    1.  DAC--Debbie Goodall shared information about Common Core and Parent Involvement Policy evaluation.  Ms. Kwek will create assessment questionnaire to be returned to ERUSD.  PTA website offers a practice test (Common Core).  Ms. Welch-Ebert asked if the test is specific to California.  More information to follow.
    1.  DELAC--Mr. Martinez provided information about elimination of Title I funds, there will be changes in how funds will be distributed and used. 


    1.  Special Education--Ms. Farris announced that students are applying to attend Youth Leadership Forum in Sacramento.  Leadership conference will be held in July 2014.  Students currently working on essays.  Leadership conference encourages self-advocacy and independence for individuals with disabilities. 
    1.  Administration--Mr. Rodriguez informed SSC about development of technology program at ERHS (Mr. Diaz, Ms. Charlene Brown).  Tech Tuesdays will provide students with opportunity to attend workshops about using technology to enhance school work and presentations.  WASC meeting to be held on 2/14/2014 at 7:30am.  Parents are encouraged to attend.  Faculty meeting on 2/7/14.  Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) stakeholders meeting on 2/5/15 at Burke Middle School. 


    1. Title I--Faculty sub groups are reading Whatever It Takes.  Book is about professional learning communities and developing a school-wide system of intervention for students.  The cost of sending Instructional Managers to Whatever It Takes conference is expensive.  It is more cost effective to read the book and share information among staff. 


    1. Mr. Rodriguez/Amber Hernandez--Cash 4 College event at ERHS.  Students had opportunity to complete FASFA and apply for scholarships.  Mr. Ortiz put resources together for students/families.  This is a yearly event. 


    1. Josie Cambero asked if district will hold a meeting in the future to discuss how district will get funding.  Mr. Rodriguez explained new formula for funding.  New funding formula effective August 2014. 


    1. Ruth Villaneda asked what items/resources teachers are requesting for upcoming school year.  Mrs. Welch-Ebert asked about choices teachers will have for possible new items/resources.  Ms. Chapman shared not all students have access to computers at home.  Many parents are unable to assist students with technology.  Ms. Palacios asked about hiring additional SSOs. 
    1. Ms. Villegas asked if funds will be sent to the district or to each school site.  Mr. Rodriguez explained funds will be for the district, but they are to be allocated to each school site.  Mr. Rodriguez encouraged parents to attend upcoming LCAP meetings and to provide district with feedback regarding programs for students. 


            Next meeting will be held on March 11, 2014 at 5pm in the library. 

            More details about funding (Ms. Kwek)

9.         ADJOURNMENT--Motion:  Ms. Chapman, Second:  Ms. Villegas
            Mr. Martinez adjourned meeting at 5:42pm.




Minutes submitted by Ruth Villaneda-SSC Secretary