School Site Council Meeting Minutes 3/11/14
El Rancho High School

1.         FLAG SALUTE
                        Led by Mia Castillo

2.         CALL TO ORDER
                        Ms. Kwek called meeting to order at 5:07pm.

3.         ROLL CALL

                        SSC members in attendance:
                        Parents--Alfredo Martinez, Alicia Villegas, Ruth Villaneda
                        Students--Mia Castillo, Osvaldo Jaime, Andrea Huizar, Katherine Piña
                        Classified Staff--None
                        Certificated Staff--Desiree Palacios, April Farris, Mary-Helen Welch-Ebert,
                        Mary Chapman
                        Administration--Ms. Jessica Kwek
                        Visitors in attendance--Josie Cambero
                        Members who sent regrets--Debbie Goodall

                        Quorum confirmed.
4.         APPROVAL OF MINUTES (2/4/14)
            --Motioned:      Ms. Kwek moved to approve minutes
                                    Second--Ms. Farris

    1.  Student Representative Report

--February 7th was our winter belle game and crowning of princesses, prince, King and Queen.  It was a busy night in the Main Gym, with 2 varsity basketball games and 2 half-time shows.  The girls lost their game to Santa Fe (43-49).  During half-time of the girls’ game was Staff Appreciation Night.  Players chose one ERHS staff member to recognize in a presentation.  The boys also lost their game against Santa Fe (48-56).  Dimitric Lozano and Marissa Fuentes were crowned the winter belle King and Queen.  The princes and princesses were Osvaldo Jaime, Jorge Parra, Evelyn Burgos and Cathy Garcia.  Saturday, February 8th was our Winter Formal “Lost at Sea” and ASB received many compliments about the venue.

--School was closed on February 17th (Washington’s Birthday).  College night was on February 20th for freshmen and their families to learn more about scholarships, financial aid, etc.  The following week was Teen Read Week.  Teen Read Week activities were as follows:  Monday--Carrie Arcos (former ER teacher and author of Out of Reach) visited selected English classes to teach new ways of writing, Tuesday--Get Lit poets performed during 3rd and 4th and ASB passed out free “READ” tattoos in the quad during lunch, Wednesday and Thursday--Drama performed Literary Lunch Bag during lunch.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we had our Mrs. Nelson’s Book Fair from 7:30am to 4pm in the Library.
--Girls and Boys soccer made it to playoffs as well as Girls basketball.  Our Mother/Daughter Breakfast was on March 1st and the theme was Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  The boys dressed up as waiters and served the ladies pancakes, eggs and bacon.  Sadie’s Pep Rally is on March 14th at lunch and the dance is on Friday, March 21st.  The theme is “Old School”.  Tickets went on sale this week for $10 w/ASB and $15 without.  Next it will be $15 w/ASB and $20 without.  Midterm week is March 24th through March 28th.

--For the past month, Sydney and Jasmin (ASB President and Vice-President) started planning for a second Night Pep Rally called The Don Games.  ASB filmed a trailer to be released for ERHS students to view as an advertisement to raise school spirit.  The Seniors and Freshmen color is blue and they are the Dons.  Juniors and Sophomores color will be gray and they are the horses.  The Night Pep Rally will take place on April 10th and your are invited to join us and see which side wins. 

    1.  DAC--Debbie Goodall (not present)


    1.  DELAC--Mr. Martinez reported LCAP (Local Control and Accountability Plan) Committee meeting to be held on March 13th at 4:30pm.   Mrs. Welch-Ebert asked about LCAP funding and additional meeting dates.  More information will be available on ERUSD’s website.
    1.  Special Education--Ms. Farris announced upcoming visit to Rio Hondo College and Disabled Students Programs/Services.  Students will receive information about classes and support services. 


    1.  Administration & Title I--Ms. Kwek reported that Univision featured ERHS on morning show.  Clips of broadcast currently on Don Page.  Students were enthusiastic to participate.  Over 200 students were at ERHS at 4:30am to be part of broadcast.  Attendance of about 300 at Freshmen College Planning Night.  Informational meeting for 11th graders (College Blueprint), free for ERHS on 3/12/14 at 6:30pm in the Little Theater.  AP Human Geography class to be offered for Freshmen during 2014-2015 school year.  Expository Reading and Writing Course to be offered to help students refine and develop college-level writing skills.  More ROP courses to be offered in the future.  Possibilities include Sports Medicine I, Sports Medicine II, expand hospitality option to include internships.  Ms. Kwek to update SSC when course offerings are finalized.  Ms. Kwek will provide more details about engineering and bio-medical programs as classes are developed.  Expansion of Zero Period options to be available  during the 2014-2015 school year.  Future Don Night will be held on 4/3/14 at 6pm.  Information available from ROP, athletics and student speakers.  Mr. Martinez asked about a SSC booth or information table at Future Don Night.  Ms. Chapman and Ms. Kwek to help ERHS launch Student Incentive Program.  Students to be nominated 1 time per month during 4th period.  Goal is to honor diverse group of students.  WASC focus group meetings to be held on 3/14/14 and 4/11/14. 


    1. Culinary Arts project pending
    2. Ms. Josie Cambero asked about construction dates for locker rooms, pool.  Meeting with construction team on 3/12/14.  Anticipated start date is Fall 2014.  PE and athletics programs will be impacted. 


            Next meeting will be held on April 1, 2014 at 5pm in the library. 

            LCAP update (Ms. Kwek)

9.         ADJOURNMENT--Motion:  Ms. Villegas, Second:  Ms. Palacios
            Mr. Martinez adjourned meeting at 5:55pm.




Minutes submitted by Ruth Villaneda-SSC Secretary