School Site Council Meeting
Meeting Minutes 4/1/14
El Rancho High School

1.         FLAG SALUTE
            Led by Christina Jimenez

2.         CALL TO ORDER
            Maria Martinez called the meeting to order at 5:26pm

3.         ROLL CALL
            SSC members in attendance:
            Parents--- Josie Cambero, Robert Gallegos, Maria Martinez
            Students--- Christina Jimenez, Andrea Huizar, Irving Puga, Hugo Vera, Adam Martinez,
Matthew Sanchez
Classified Staff --- Tony Hernandez
Certificated Staff --- April Farris, April Leal, Judi Gollette
Administration --- Jessica Kwek

Quorum confirmed.

4.         APPROVAL OF MINUTES 4/1/14
            Motioned:  Josie Cambero
            Second:  Robert Martinez

5.         Information Items
            a. Student Representation Report

--Executive Commissioners  had a 1 day retreat where we were taught how to be stronger individuals as well as better leaders.
--On teachers’ first day back to school, Associated Student Body President, Mia Castillo, addressed the entire district on the importance of creativity and innovation in the classroom.
--On August 19, we Link Crew hosted Freshman First Day, where incoming freshmen were able to take a tour and get a feel of the school before the school year started.
--During teacher inservice days, Executive Commission welcomed new teachers and gave them a tour of the school.
--On Friday August 29th, Link Crew hosted a Welcome Back dance.  It seemed to be well attended.
--Also on August 29 was the Welcome Back Assembly it was successful.
--Thanks to Link Crew, the freshmen class feels very welcomed here at El Rancho and has enjoyed their first couple of weeks here.
--This year, the Night Pep Rally is an open themed rally. So each class has decided on their own personal sub theme. (NPR is October 16th)
--Blue Crew, which is a student support section, is continuing at football games and other sporting events during this new school year and is going incredibly well.  Attendance in the Blue Crew is steadily increasing.
--Back to school night was on September 4th. Returning students and new students along with their parents were able to interact with staff and teachers.
--Executive Commissioner is working on a way to involve administrators and new teachers in events and activities.
--Fall Sports are preparing for their seasons to begin and are hoping for more support from the student body as well as faculty.
--Homecoming Week is just around the corner and we are excited to share it with our community!
--Class of 2015 is holding a Shakey's Night where everyone is welcome to attend to help the Senior Class.
            b. DAC
There was nothing to report, as DAC has not yet met for this school year.
            c. DELAC
There was nothing to report, as DELAC has not yet met for this school year.
            d. Special Education--- Ms. Farris
Ms. Ferris has asked her department to share some of their successes so far.  The Special Education Algebra class has created a Twitter account and uses it for sharing information and assignments, and practice problems with students. The department has adopted the ERWC (Expository Reading and Writing Course) curriculum for 12 graders who have not scored “college ready” on the EAP test.  ERWC is writing and collaboration intensive.  Students are enjoying the content. as the articles are very relevant.
            e. Administration --- Ms. Kwek
-Ms. Kwek reports that there have been lots of changes at ERHS including new administration team members Mrs. Jazmin Chavez-Diaz, new AP of Curriculum, Ms. Mary Chapman the new AP of Activities, and Mr. Chuck Collings, who is in charge of SPED.
- ERHS has also welcomed a new LVN, a new College and Career Center counselor, two new Deans, a new Activities Director, a new Athletic Director, a new resource teacher, a new Principal’s secretary, and 15 new teachers.
-This year, all 10th graders will be taking the PSAT, free of charge.
-Back to School Night, held on Thursday 9/4/14, took on a new form.  Instead of running from class to class, following their students’ schedule, parents were present a more open format to explore what ERHS has to offer.
-The new Leadership Circle, an arena for district teachers interested in a future school administration, begins Monday 9/15/14.
-ERHS is offering new teaching models this year.  Mrs. Palomares and Mrs. Zeko are “team teaching” 10th grade AP students, while general education teachers are teaming with SPED educational specialists to support SPED students who are mainstreamed in general ed classrooms.
-This year, we are continuing with the Latino Family Literacy Project created by Lectura Books Publishing to offer parent training in establishing home reading routines in order to have parents help enhance their students’ reading skills and create healthy lifelong reading habits.  SSC is encouraged to come observe the project in action on 10/15/14, 10/22/14, 10/29/14, 11/5/14, and 12/19/14.
-Ms. Kwek asked SSC for ideas to improve parental involvement at ERHS.
-Test data from the 2013-2014 school was presented.  Ms. Kwek explained that 10th grade CAHSEE scores impact school AYP, while the CAHSEE taken at the 11th grade do not.  CAHSEE passing rates have increase from 2012 to 2014. The number of AP test takers increased from 662 in 2013 to 725 in 2014 and is expected to increase this year due to the addition of AP Human Geography at the 9th grade level.  ERHS students are scoring above the AP global average in Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, and Statistics.  There have also been significant gains in AP scores in both AP Environmental Science, and AP US History.
-New courses and new course pathways have been established for the 2014-2015 school year.  A new Integrated Math sequence is being phased in.  AP Human Geography is being offered to 9th graders, ERWC, the Expository Reading and Writing Course is now required for non AP/Honors 12th graders, and Project Lead the Way, an engineering pathway has been established for students concurrently enrolled in Integrated Math.  Next year, a biomed pathway will be offered.
-LCAP Goals can be found on the district webpage.  A committee will be established to ensure fulfillment of our 6 goals which are:
                                    1. improve literacy skills
                                    2. improve math skills
                                    3. increase community college readiness
                                    4. create a safe and productive environment
                                    5. create extended learning opportunities
                                    6. create differentiated learning opportunities beyond the core
-The Single Plan for Student Achievement will be completed by 11/14/14.  The SPSA will take input from SSC,  LCAP goals, and the school’s WASC report.
-WASC will be visiting in November.  Preparation has been an ongoing self-reflection process.
6.         NEW BUSINESS
-AVID summer institute was paid for through Title 1 funds.  AVID has expanded its offerings to include another 9th grade section, increasing the number of participants to over 60 students in the 9th grade alone.
-Subgroup leaders and Instructional Managers will attend a PLC summit in Anaheim.  They will attend sessions on curriculum, instruction, and assessment then will share with faculty upon return.
-Judi Gollette inquired about ERHS’s process/plan for addressing “at risk” students and suggested creating a “Dads’ Club”, similar to that of Birney Elem, to increase parent involvement.
8.         FUTURE MEETING to be held on 10/7/2014 at 5pm.
10.       ADJOURNMENT --- Motion by Maria Martinez, second by Robert Martinez adjourned
meeting at 6:16pm


Minutes submitted by April Leal site teacher