School Site Council Meeting Minutes 5/20/14
El Rancho High School

1.         FLAG SALUTE
                        Led by Mia Castillo

2.         CALL TO ORDER
                        Mr. Alfredo Martinez called meeting to order at 5:10pm.

3.         ROLL CALL

                        SSC members in attendance:
                        Parents--Alfredo Martinez, Alicia Villegas, Debbie Goodall
                        Students--Mia Castillo, Natalie Woo, Mia Alvarez
                        Classified Staff--None
                        Certificated Staff--Desiree Palacios, Mary-Helen Welch-Ebert,
                        Administration--Ms. Jessica Kwek
                        Visitors in attendance--Josie Cambero
                        Members who sent regrets-- April Farris, Mary Chapman,
Ruth Villaneda

                        Quorum confirmed.
4.         APPROVAL OF MINUTES (4/1/14)
            Minutes were not available. They will be reviewed and approved at the next meeting.

    1.  Student Representative Report

- April 10th ERHS hosted the first successful 2nd Night Pep Rally. This event, called Don Games, was held in the Old Gym and succeeded in its goal of boosting school spirit in the Spring. The school was divided with seniors and freshmen on the blue team represented by the Don and juniors and sophomores on the gray team, represented by the horse. Many students showed up to Don Games, and, after a series of challenges, the blue team was victorious. In the week leading up to Don Games there were many friendly pranks between teams and a spirit week to rally spirit even more. All the festivities led up to the weeklong Spring Break.
- On April 2th our annual multi-cultural carnival was held during lunch in the quad. Many clubs and organizations sold food to raise money.
- Prom was held on May 10th at Seacliff Country Club in Huntington Beach. The theme was 1920s. Juniors and seniors got to dance and enjoy prom, the last one for current seniors.
- The dodgeball tournament was held May 12th through the 16th during lunch in the quad. The final game on Friday, May 16th was held in the gym due to nearby fires affecting air quality.
- Senior versus teacher week started this Monday, May 19th with a kickball game during lunch in the quad. Today there is a game of charades; the rest of the week there will be basketball, volleyball and poker.
- Juniors are also currently taking the SBAC tests during the school day this week.
- Next Monday is Memorial Day and it will be a day off of school to remember the fallen who have protected our country.
- Senior Picnic is May 28th and the Farewell Pep Rally is on May 30th. Finals are June 3rd and 4th, with the last day of school and graduation on June 5th.

    1.  DAC--Debbie Goodall reported that there was no meeting. He will give a report at the June 2 School Site Council Meeting.
    2.  DELAC--Mr. Martinez reported that there was no meeting. He will give a report at the June 2 School Site Council Meeting.


    1.  Special Education--Ms. Farris was not present to report.
    1.  Administration--Ms. Kwek reported that the master schedule is being built for the 2014-15 school year. She also reported and shared the new proposed bell schedule for 2014-15. This bell schedule is to be approved at the June 17 ERUSD School Board meeting. Ms. Palacio shared that the goal of the new bell schedule is to allow teachers to have additional time for collaboration. Ms. Kwek also reported that SBAC testing is going well with minimal issues. She also shared that there have been two Lunch n’ Learn opportunities this semester for teachers to meet and share strategies at lunch in the Professional Development Center during lunch.
      1. Ms. Kwek also shared the Title I budget information for the 2014-15 school year. She discussed that we need to begin planning and prioritizing for next year.


                No public comments.

            Next meeting will be held on Monday, June 2, 2014 at 5pm in the library. 
                        Meeting was changed from June 3 due to a conflict.

                        Presentations regarding parent involvement, AVID, Professional Learning
Communities and Pupil Services & Attendance (PSA) Counselor.

9.         ADJOURNMENT--Motion: Mr. Martinez, Second:  Ms. Villegas
            Mr. Martinez adjourned meeting at 5:45pm.




Minutes submitted by Jessica Kwek – ERHS Principal and SSC Parliamentarian