School Site Council Meeting
El Rancho High School
Minutes 2/3/15

  1.  FLAG SALUTE--Led by Andrea Huizar


  1.  CALL TO ORDER--Josie Cambero called the meeting to order at 5:10pm.
  1.  ROLL CALL--Quorum confirmed


Parents--Josie Cambero, Robert Gallegos, Maria Martinez, Ruth Villaneda

Students--Grace Garcia, Andrea Huizar, Christina Jimenez

Classified Staff--Not present

Certificated Staff--April Farris, Judi Gollette, April Leal, Mary-Helen Welch-Ebert

Administration--Ms. Jessica Kwek

Visitors--Adam Martinez, Matthew Sanchez, Lilia Carreon

  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES (12/2/14)

Motioned--Robert Gallegos
Second--Ms. Farris



            a)ASB Report
PAST:  Students returned from Winter Break on January 12, 2015.  Winter Formal tickets went on sale for $50.  The theme was set on a Whole New World.  Students had January 19 off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day right before finals.  Students got out of school at 12:15pm on both January 22 and 23 due to finals schedule.  Second semester started on January 26, 2015. 

PRESENT:  ASB is preparing for Winter Formal with Dance Commissioner, Ana Lezama.  ASB is also preparing for Winterbelle reveals and finishing the backdrop.  Concessions have received positive feedback from students as well as parents.  Congratulations to our girls and boys basketball team on their wins.  El Rancho is welcoming foreign exchange students. 

FUTURE:  The middle schools will be coming to ERHS on February 4, 11, and 18 to promote enrollment.  They will be given a day experience on what it is like to be a Don.  Winter Formal will be this Saturday, February 7.  ASB will be working on Don Games which will be on April 16, 2015. 

            b)Special Education Report--Ms. Farris reported collaborative planning efforts between teachers (special education and general education) for 2015-2016 school year.  Students are enjoying collaboration classes. 

            c)DAC--Information offered to parents about Common Core Standards and online resources.

            d)DELAC--NO REPORT

            e)Principal’s Report--Ms. Kwek
WASC visit went well.  WASC will notify ERHS about term for next visit in middle of February.  Full-page advertisement for ERHS appeared in Whittier Daily News.  Future Don Night on March 12 at 6pm in the Main Gym.  Teleparent will notify families about event.  Picture Yourself at the Ranch event for 8th graders, students will visit ERHS during upcoming middle school modified days in February.  ER administrators to attend Open House events at district elementary schools to promote high school.  Principal has been asked to share presentation about ERHS at upcoming DAC and DELAC meetings.  New classes for 2015-2016 school year to include Sign Language, AP Art History, BioMedical Pathway, AP Studio Art, Sports Medicine, ROP Information Technology, AP Chemistry, AP French, Ethnic Studies.  Tour of private university for next parent field trip.  PIQE (Parent Institute for Quality Education) classes offered until March 25.  Morning and evening classes offered in English and Spanish, childcare provided.  Latino Family Literacy Project to start in Spring 2015.  Parent, Teacher, Student Association requires minimum of 15 members. Ms. Kwek asked for suggestions to increase parent involvement.  Ms. Kwek wants to invite parents to participate in Rounds at the Ranch. 

            f)Bell Schedule-Ms. Carreon
ERHS has a school wide action team (SWAT) to focus on bell schedule.  Team made up of 11 teachers.  Total of 921 students completed online survey.  Upcoming SWAT meeting on 2/13/15 at 7:45am.  Parents and students encouraged to attend.  District approval for bell schedule will be finalized on May 1st.


Ongoing review of SPSA to ensure ERHS is meeting needs of students. 

  1.  PUBLIC COMMENTS--Question regarding who teaches PIQE classes.  PIQE is taught by an outside agency.  Maria Martinez suggested higher parent and teacher involvement to help students feel more connected to staff. 


  1.  FUTURE MEETING to be held on 3/3/15 at 5pm.
  1.  AGENDA FORECAST--Bell schedule, plans for 2015-2016 school year. 


10. ADJOURNMENT--Motion by Grace Garcia at 6:00pm, Second by Maria Martinez.
Minutes submitted by Ruth Villaneda, SSC Secretary