School Site Council Meeting

El Rancho High School

Minutes 10/08/2015

  1.  FLAG SALUTE--Led by Natalie Woo

  1.  CALL TO ORDER--Josie Cambero called the meeting to order at 5:02pm.

  1.  ROLL CALL--Quorum confirmed

Parents--Josie Cambero, Robert Gallegos, Mark Gutierrez, Ruth Villaneda

Students--Rene Gallegos, Ashley Herrera, Sarah Navarro, Natalie Woo

Classified Staff--Not present

Certificated Staff--April Farris, Judi Gollette, April Leal, Stephanie Senteno-Tapia, Mary-Helen Welch-Ebert

Administration--Dr. Jessica Kwek, Ms. Jazmin Chavez-Diaz

Visitors--Fatma Gutierrez, Maria Gutierrez, Beatriz Martinez, Mario Lopez, Ana Nara

  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES for 09/15/2015

Motioned--Stephanie Senteno

Second--Judi Gollette


        a)ASB Report

PAST:  El Rancho’s student section “Blue Crew” was on the road for the first time.  On September 25th, the Blue Crew supported the football team at Diamond Ranch.  Staff Appreciation allowed students to show their appreciation towards their teachers.  Coffee with the Principal  on October 7th gave Dr. Kwek the opportunity to keep parents up-to-date.  A variety of colleges and universities were on campus and provided more information about college.  On October 2nd, the Blue Crew had it’s first blue-out game, where El Rancho’s students were gathered in all blue attire for the last preseason game.

PRESENT:  ASB continues to prepare for Homecoming Week, October 26th through the 30th.  Classes are preparing for the biggest event of the year, Night Pep Rally.  Senior night provided more information about college and financial circumstances.  This week is Spirit Week as we rally up for our first league game, which will be our blackout game.  Blue Crew will dress in black attire and rally up the crowd in support of El Rancho’s football team.

FUTURE:  On October 14th, it is College Day.  All grade levels will dedicate a day to prepare for college as some students will be taking the PSAT and ASVAB.  October 26th - October 30th is Homecoming week and end with the Homecoming dance on Friday night.

        b)Special Education Report--Some students participated in a Career Awareness field trip where they looked for jobs.  A few teachers are opening their lunches to tutor and give students the opportunity to catch up on assignments.  On October 7th, a class had a full house of students who were seeking and utilizing this extra help.

        c)DAC/DELAC Reports--First meeting is to be held during the week of October 12th -16th.


        d)Principal’s Report--Coffee was the Principal was held on October 7th and PIQE classes have begun.  College Day is to be held on October 14th.  Some activities that students will have the opportunity to do is:  Start their Cal State applications, participate in Personal Statement workshops, resume writing, listen to speakers including an Alumni panel.  There are no block schedules the whole week and College Day will be a minimum day.  On October 30th, there is an informal Welcome for parents to come and enjoy free food and games.  It is an opportunity for the community to come, enjoy and socialize.

        Most teachers by January will have been trained in Project Based Learning (PBL).  Dr. Kwek would like to set-up a date for Parent Rounds at the Ranch.  It would be during 2nd period on a Tuesday morning.  A date of October 27th was set.  Achieve UC will happen on November 3rd.  Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) from UC Irvine works with our school to spend a day on our campus.  Some activities include a Townhall Q & A session and an assembly in which all senior will participate in.  

  1.  LEGAL REQUIREMENTS--Dr. Kwek informed the SSC that the SPSA needs to be updated by next SSC meeting.  Dr. Kwek outlined the SPSA and will send a PDF version at a later date for our review prior to November 5th.  


7.  FUTURE MEETING to be held on 11/05/2015 at 5pm.

8.  AGENDA FORECAST--PBIS Presentation, SPSA Review.

9. ADJOURNMENT--Motion by Stephanie Senteno at 5:57pm, Second by Dr. Jessica Kwek.

Minutes submitted by April Farris, SSC Secretary