Courses Offered at El Rancho HS

Code Title Department Description

ROP Administration of Justice ROP 9th-12th grade
A comprehensive course on crime and its causes, including the history of the criminal justice system and theories of crime, punishment, adjudication and rehabilitation. Course meets articulation requirements with Rio Hondo College and may be taken for high school and college credit

ROP Advanced Culinary Arts ROP 11th and 12th Grade Only
Recomendation by Teacher only
This course offers classroom instruction and community classroom experience designed to develop skills necessary for entry-level positions or career advancement in the Hospitality Industry. Instruction includes providing hospitality services in diverse settings to meet the needs of a variety of clients. Instruction includes guest services, geography, customs and culture of countries as tourist destinations, planning events, and recreational opportunities. Students will become acquainted with the basic phases of hotel and restaurant operations, including rooms operations to include computerized check in/out systems, administrative support, and food and beverage operations to include service and preparation. Integrated throughout the course are career preparation and academic content standards, which include basic skills, communication, interpersonal skills, problem solving, safety, technology, and other employment skills

ROP Business Internship ROP Info at Tri Cities ROP web site:

ROP Computer Science ROP This course is an introduction to computer science and software programming. Computer Science is designed to introduce students to the breadth of the field of computer science through an exploration of engaging and accessible topics. The course is designed to focus on the conceptual ideas of computing and help students understand why certain tools or languages might be utilized to solve particular problems. Students will learn computer hardware basics as well as the basics of programming languages. (concentrator class)

ROP Emergency Medical Responder ROP Info at TriCities ROP web site: Prerequsiste: ROP Intro to Medical Science with a C or Better
10th-12th grade
This course is designed to meet the entry-level job expectations of the First Responder or to progress to advanced courses for additional or specialized training. The First Responder is the first individual who arrives at the scene, provides efficient and immediate care to ill or injured patients, and is trained to assist other emergency medical services (EMS) providers. Classroom and laboratory instruction includes: the history and future of health care, career opportunities in health care, Emergency Medical Services Agency overview, legality and ethics, critical incident stress management/crisis intervention for disaster workers, safety and health maintenance, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, patient assessment and care, CPR and first aid skills, therapeutic communications, application of critical thinking skills, triage, and post emergency care responsibilities. This course exceeds the requirements and guidelines set forth in the Fulfills "a - g" requirement.
nited States Department of Transportation – First Responder National Standards Curriculum.

ROP Foundations in Health Science - Medical Core ROP In this course you will learn important skills that will lead you to future employment, advanced education and/ or industry certification. Student will learn medical terminology, use the College and Career ready lab to explore careers related to medicine, nursing, and health sciences. Students will learn through hand-on experiences, from Biomedical Engineering to Veterinary Medicine.

ROP International Cuisine ROP Info at TriCities ROP web site:

ROP Intro to Culinary Arts ROP 10th-12th grade
Application Process through Chef Luna
This course provides students with a comprehensive, foods class that covers food selection, safety and sanitation recipe and menu planning and basic baking techniques. Special attention is given to skills required in the food services industry; servers, cooks, and chefs, and also includes valuable information on careers opportunities in the #1 industry in California

ROP Marketing ROP Info at TriCities ROP web site:

ROP Nurse Assisting Pre-Certification ROP Info at TriCities ROP web site:

ROP Sports Medicine ROP Info at TriCities ROP web site:

ROP Web Design ROP In Web Design students will create projects and apply web standards using HTML coding, CSS styling, the fundamentals of file transferable (FTP), and the development and maintenance of websites. Students will learn design principles and how they apply in a web-based environment, effective navigation and content presentation. Through design projects for the web, students develop problem solving skills, artistic perception, and critical thinking. (Capstone- Needs to successfully complete ROP Computer Science to take this class)