APES Field Trip

Feb 13—Students from Mr. Rivas' AP Environmental Science classes visited the San Jose Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility operated by the Sanitation District of Los Angeles County. The San Jose Creek facility is...

Swimming vs. Bell Gardens

March 13—A last minute facilities problem at Bell Gardens made the ER vs. BG swim meet a home affair, but ER didn't miss a stroke. Final scores for the boys were Varsity ER 132 - BG 35, and JV ER 104 - BG 0. For the girls, the scores were Varsity ER 95 - BG 61, and JV ER 32 - BG 108.

Executive Action on Immigration

Congresswoman Linda Sanchez is holding an informational meeting on President Obama's DACA and DAPA programs.

Parent Institute for Quality Education

March 25—ERUSD offers a free 9-week course for parents entitled "Parent Institute for Quality Education," or PIQE for short. This year's edition has been meeting in the ERHS cafeteria Wednesday nights for the past few months. The class ended this week with a graduation ceremony. ERHS Principal Kwek, plus Superintendent Galindo and Asst. Superintendent Fuentes helped to pass out diplomas and to congratulate the ninety-six graduates. ERHS Counselor Mr. Pena organized the event.

ELD Honor Roll

March 20—Ms. Figueroa and the other ELD teachers celebrated with their students after school Friday, honoring those who had made the Honor Roll during the 1st semester of this school year. Assistant Superintendent Ms. Roxane Fuentes also attended the occasion. Lots of pizza and soda was available for the deserving students.

AP Assembly: Are you up for the AP challenge?

March 13—El Rancho's top scholars gathered in the main gym to promote awareness of Advanced Placement courses and to celebrate success within them. Students who took the PSAT in the fall and were identified as showing AP potential by the College Board were invited to hear about the benefits of El Rancho's growing program. In addition, current honors and AP students received Scholar of The Ranch awards after being nominated by their teachers as stellar students in a specific discipline. The event concluded with an AP fair where students asked subject specific teachers questions and heard current student testimonies.

Future Don Night

March 12—Future Don Night was an ERHS "open house" for 8th graders and their parents. The event began in the Main Gym with a welcome from Principal Kwek and a promotional video. Ms. Espinoza then spoke for the counselors, and that was followed by a performance by the Pepsters and some inprovisations by the drama students. Various freshmen students also spoke about their first-year experiences at ERHS. Afterwards, parents and students could choose to go to small-group break-out sessions on special topics, or to just shop around in the quad where classes, clubs, academic departments and other groups had set up informational tables.

Digital Photography Book Poster Contest

March 22—Student's in Mr. Diaz's Digital Photography class were given the task of creating a poster to encourage reading for Teen Read Week. The students were instructed to photograph a student reading a book while using a basic studio lighting setup. Each student then used Photoshop to bring the story to life around the photograph.

Ancient Greek Scene Presentations

March 11—Oh Muses, Oh high genius, aid me now! The students of Mr. Wlasick's Beginning Drama classes have been studying Theater History. As part of the unit, they performed a scene from Sophocles' Oedipus Rex. Following the lead of the Ancients, the students wore dramatic masks with togas, and did their performances outdoors (Don Stadium), without the aid of a microphone and amplifier!

Softball vs. Cantwell

March 11—Girls Softball played Cantwell-Sacred Heart in a preseason home game recently. Varsity won their game 7-1, and JV won their game 19-1.

Marine Bio Field Trip

March 10—Mr. Alonso took the students from his Marine Biology classes on a field trip to the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve. After some classroom demonstrations, the students went out to see the area's animal and plant life in its natural state. To see the whole ecosystem, they had to explore via both the water (kayaking), and land (hiking). Mother Nature is amazing!

Boys Volleyball vs. Downey

March 19—The boys volleyball teams marched over the visiting Downey Vikings Thursday night in the Main Gym. The Varsity Dons won 3-0, making their preseason record 2-4. The JV Dons won 2-0, making their preseason record 5-1. Varsity sophomore Nicholas Arauz said after the game, "I see potential with this year's team and hope for a great season."

Track vs. Katella

March 11—In their second meet of the preseason, ER hosted Katella High School. The Dons swept the Knights at all levels: Girls Varsity won 89-41. Girls JV won 71-51. Boys Varsity won 81-54, and boys JV won 77-54.

Track vs. Katella

JV Baseball

APES Field Trip

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