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September Athletes of the Month

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Yearbook: Senior Favorites Ballot

Only seniors can vote. Only seniors can win. Turn in your own ballot at B-101 by Friday Nov. 7.

Digital Photography: Movement & Motion

Oct 24—From Mr. Diaz's Digital Photography class: All photographs are created by exposure to light, and shutter speed is just one component to consider in determining exposure. Students learned how shutter speed can completely change a photograph, especially when it comes to moving subjects. The students took three different kinds of photos that all fit the theme of movement and motion.

Digital Imaging: "Emphasis"

Oct 20—"Emphasis", one of the principles of art, creates the center of interest in an artwork. It is the place where the observer's eye will first land. Ms. Kiralla's Digital Imaging students were asked to show their understanding of this concept by colorizing a series of black and white photos using Photoshop. The photos were to come from sports, history, and movies, with one being a landscape or city.

Band Competes at Warren Field Show

Oct 4—The El Rancho Marching Dons traveled to Warren High School to compete in their first Field Show event in two years. This year, the band consists of 90 talented musicians and performers which consist of over 30 new Freshmen. This year the Marching...

Homecoming Game and Halftime Show

Oct 17—Homecoming Week came to an end Friday night at the football game. The Varsity Dons marched over Whittier, 42-6, for their second league victory of the season (2-0). The stadium buzzed with alumni, reminiscing about their high school years; and Karina Chavez was crowned Homecoming Queen during the halftime show.

Homecoming Assembly

Oct 17—Friday at lunch was the annual Homecoming Assembly. Each grade level chooses one princess, except 12th grade which crowns three. Of the three seniors, one would later be crowned the Homecoming Queen. This year's princesses were Miranda Zorrilla for freshmen, Madelyn Meneses for sophomores, and Adriana Carchipulla for juniors. The three senior princesses were Mia Castillo, Karina Chavez, and Sabrina Moreno.

Night Pep Rally

Oct 16—While its typical to hear students claim that seniors "always win," old timers know that that is not the case, and this year's results are a case in point. Final scores were Juniors 419, Seniors 413, Sophomores 398, and Freshmen 291. Class themes were Studio Seniors (blue/green), So Fly Juniors (lime green/gold), Supernatural Sophomores (purple/red), and Freshmen, Inc (teal/lavender).

Blue Pride Day

Oct 15—For Blue Pride Day, everyone was encouraged to wear blue & gray throughout the day. However, at lunch, the volume got turned way up for the class presidents and their advisors. While strutting the runway and...

Homecoming Games & Carnival

Oct 13-14—Monday at lunch was the Homecoming Games, which involved various eating contests between the different grade levels. Tuesday was the carnival, where ERHS groups (clubs, classes, sports) sold items in the quad as fundraisers.

Homecoming Carnival

Blue Pride Day

Night Pep Rally

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