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Teen Read Week '18

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ERHS Library Summer 2018

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1.  Chromebooks
2.  Speak
3.  The hate u give
4.  Holocaust: the story of a survivor
5.  We'll always have summer
6.  Mackenzie poltergeist
7.  Alien encounter
8.  Los Angeles Lakers
9.  Once was lost
10.  Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
Camp Panda: helping cubs return to the wild 4/8/19
Grenade 4/8/19
Deadfall 4/8/19
One of the boys 4/8/19
I, Claudia 4/8/19
Strange grace 4/8/19
Blood water paint 4/8/19
Snow in love: four stories 4/8/19
How to be an American: a field guide to citizenship 4/8/19
Two can keep a secret 4/8/19