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Teen Read Week '17

A Celebration of Reading organized by the ERHS Library: View

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ERHS Library Summer 2017

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1.  Chromebooks
2.  That was then, this is now
3.  Living dead girl
4.  The Avengers
5.  Alien encounter
6.  It
7.  Party girl
8.  Reaction
9.  Seattle Seahawks
10.  Oakland Raiders
Crossing Ebenezer Creek 1/10/18
Girl with a camera 1/10/18
Piecing me together 1/10/18
Hit 1/10/18
Two parties one tux, and a very short film about the Grapes of Wrath 1/10/18
The boy recession 1/10/18
An uninterrupted view of the sky 1/10/18
Guilty 1/10/18
Shadowhouse Fall 1/10/18
Girl in pieces 1/10/18

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